American Euthanasia

“The Death of American Exceptionalism”

    The end of American Exceptionalism has been predicted by our enemies from the earliest days of our Revolution; our Civil War, by Nazi, Japanese and Communists alike. We have been “buried” and revived by the resilience of the American people; our industrious work ethic, our stance against evil and our ability to punish those that oppose the advance of moral civilization whether foreign or domestic.

America's richness comes from the hard work of successful people.

    But there has been a change, to coin a phrase, in the “Force”.

    The first and most destructive to our exceptionalism is the switch from a creditor nation to that of the most indebted nation. There is some justification that the rise of the Nazi and the death of the Weimar Republic can be linked to the generous and unjustifiable loans made by American banks to support the stabilization of the German currency and to prop up markets for exported American goods. These loans were made with or without the realization that they could never be repaid but allowed the German nation the ability to rebound financially and provide stable markets. The following worldwide depression ruined that and led to the rise of Adolph Hitler. Sound familiar?

    The United States is now in the role of a decaying Germany and the Chinese have acquired the creditor status; they make loans that cannot be repaid but these loans prop up the markets necessary for Chinese industry and thus Chinese political and social stability. While on the one hand it may be an illusional stability it is a necessity for China’s political leaders. If one percent of the population of San Marino (30,000 people) are upset that is 300 folks, barely enough to fill a small church but if 1% of 1.4 billion Chinese are agitated that would be a whopping 14,000,000. The law of big numbers is always amplified in China!

    The advent of an American Debtor Nation has occurred for a number of the same reasons that are now so obvious in Europe. As they have advanced socialism or the idea of removing the “producers” by force the fruits of their labor and redirecting to an ever growing mass of non-producers who by their sheer numbers have now become just a large voting bloc politicians cannot hope to avoid at election time. Or for that matter they do not want to avoid but to cultivate and bestow even more of the largess of the producing class. The pandering of politicals to the power of the non-producers has left both the treasury of governments empty while punishing those that had at one time filled the government’s coffers.

The power of the recipients has left governments with seemingly no choice but to acquiesce to their greediness/laziness and borrow/confiscate the earnings and wealth of the producers or borrow increasing amounts from governments like China that may never have our best interests at heart.

    We are in a death spiral of borrowing and bribing; which we are only exacerbating by our unwillingness to secure our borders and by failing to do so add to the growing number of non-producing non-citizens who willfully and wantonly steal services from the population that actually may need and deserve them. We have created a “receiver-class” those that believe that they are deserving because others must have had perceived advantages which they failed to acquire from no fault of their own. When the present president was elected the cry was heard … “no more mortgage, no more gas or car payments”; the “receiver class” was convinced that they were free of the work ethic.

The work ethic … an overused and meaningless theory to describe greedy people who work to acquire wealth that rightful belongs to the non-producers and disadvantaged.

Disadvantaged now there is a misused adjective. The country is crashing because the “receiver-class” has matured and finds that hard work, the work ethic, does not produce as many benefits as voting for, requesting and spending the producers’ money.

Disadvantaged or lazy?

Money we do not have; we borrow trillions to pay for programs that support a minority of citizens at the cost of our sovereignty. The Federal Government’s role in destroying our exceptional nature is the most egregious. It is the most obvious and persistent. 

The second destructive element follows from the first. As we provide these structures to support the non-producers we have created a vacuum for an underclass of foreign workers who have yet to experience the phenomena of benefits without contributions.   The question is how do we renew our population with the educated and productive immigrants while limiting the arrival of the non-productive and without seeming to be racist and xenophobic?

The several states are passing laws to regulate illegal immigration. Granted the power to regulate the borders belongs to the Federal government. But how far does that border extend … a foot, a yard, a mile … and then where does state authority to protect its citizens and their property begin? We are allowing 12 million illegals … (they would be the 70th largest country and equal to Guatemala!) to live in our house. It is as if unwanted guests had arrived; made a bed in our living room; put their food in our ‘frig; borrowed the car and asked for our wallets and when we said NO!! We were called racists. These people are illegal regardless of our sympathy for their economic conditions, crossing our borders and living here costs our tax payers 100 billion a year and that is money we simply do not have. The illegals themselves are the “criminals” but the fact that they find jobs and become “productive” and in a limited sense taxpayers, although most do not pay either Federal or state income taxes, speaks volumes about the class of receivers who will not work but will take. But why are they “needed” in a country with 9% unemployment and an under employment rate of 17%?

Again the work ethic rears its ugly head. If there are in the crowd of 12 million illegals those doing jobs “beneath the dignity of any of the 15 million U.S. unemployed than the problem is not a lack of jobs for the unemployed but a desire to acquire benefits at the expense of the producing class. How can any work be beneath one’s dignity when they are in effect begging like an urchin in the street from those that are “advantaged and lucky at life’s lottery”?

 No! Why should those who by their own grit and determination and refusal to accept “charity” even that of “unemployment insurance”,  work at any job to acquire whatever wealth their labors entitle them to and busts their asses only to be told they must “contribute” more to help those that are less advantaged … (lazy) … and unable to afford the blessings of prosperity promised by the Founders. (Well the Founders assumed they’d work to eat … or starve.)

A further destructive element in our quest for exceptionalism is the deindustrialization of a once booming industrial nation. The end of World War II saw a dramatic decline in industrial output, it should have we were manufacturing war material for a large part of the Allied Cause. The rise of personal commercialism brought jobs and disposable income that outstripped our ability to innovate cheaper products that is, affordable products that had at one time been the sole purview of the wealthier upper strata. Now all levels of society demanded the same products only the lower income groups needed cheaper goods to satisfy the same desires.

 While we manufactured average quality goods they were not cheap and the destroyed economies of World War II’s losers were the winners … with new factories to replace the devastated and new machines with more and faster savings in material and cheap labor they could satisfy the demand.  Now factor in cheap and available credit and the surge to acquire goods and services while income relative to acquisitions plummeted. The fact that many of these items were cheap and even at times shoddy did not stop consumers who wanted products and cheap and disposable goods provided the same comfort and class as those of the wealthy. People had the trappings of what had been considered wealthy while not have worked harder to accumulate wealth. Since they could not see the difference (Their Caddy on credit and  wealthy’s Caddy paid for) they believed that had achieved with less effort and little work ethic what the other guy worked two jobs; long hours and few days off to achieve.

Envy … a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, possessions.

Let me see if I understand myself. Each social class acquired prestige while only one class worked for it. The envy the less affluent class had was less evident as they acquired the possessions which signified wealth and class. This has led to the perception that we can have the trappings of success and not sweat for it.  What seems to follow is that we can have those same possessions and have the wealthy class pay for it with their sweat. But worse we can vote in a government and that since each vote is worth the same, and there are more of the receiver class than the producer class, one political party has latched on to them to be swept into power and then to stay in power with their assistance. A quid pro quo.

To put a point on it …. The Receiver class has signed onto the Democratic Party; they recognized that they lost two elections with George Bush as President and the party decided to abandon fiscal sanity with the resultant price. They would purchase power with confiscatory taxation using that and borrowed money to bribe voters with no desire to earn the American Dream. They won and the America we knew as a hard working and innovative country will continue to decline into oblivion until we reach the end of our credit and the complete cessation of our world power. When we hit bottom I hope there is a Ronald Reagan and not an Adolf Hitler to begin the process of reconstruction and reconciliation.


Kent Herrick

Nov 10, 2012

Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2013


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