Who Will Be the First to Stop the Applause?

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Usually I don’t tell the Democratic Party how to completely destroy itself; the two party system demands …. Two parties. But when will the DP recognize that with Dear Leader they are trading in whatever goodwill the American people ever thought of them for the catastrophe of Barack Hussein Obama.


America’s odyssey with Liberal Elitism should have ended after FDR. His policies of huge government programs and social (some say socialist) engineering were overshadowed by his ability to hold disparate groups and personalities together to form the Grand Alliance against Nazism and Imperialism. But folks, FDR is gone and Obama is not FDR.


The political polls are closing in on Dear Leader. Being incompetent will catch up with the most glib and loquacious community organizer. How long can the party faithful watch their captain of the ship of state flounder in a sea of red ink; mismanagement, misstatements and lies? How long can the Grand Ol’ Democratic Party stand by as the community organizers; social engineers and a rank and repugnant socialist drag the country, the economy and the American People towards totalitarian socialism?


Pelosi called Obama “a leader that God has blessed us with at this time.” And he believed.


The great despots of the world stood before their people and party; they swayed before the adulation and applause; they bask in the shouts of “Long Live the Glorious Leader”; and whoever stopped applauding first was arrested and died at the wall.


Who will slide and slither up to Glorious Dear Leader and tell him ….


“It’s over Dear Leader. We can’t watch as the party disintegrates. You are out. You were a glorious experiment in minimalism. We trusted you, you with no experience and no training, to lead our nation and you failed. Stand aside; write your memoirs; play golf but exit the world stage.”


Stalin had a bell to tell his “faithful” when to stop the applause. Those that stopped before it rang paid the butcher’s bill. Who will stop applauding? Who will tell Dear Leader that the golf outing is over? The American People will have a chance … and it can’t be too soon.


Kent M. Herrick

June -27-2011

Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2011


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