Democracy of the Dead

The democratic principle in short is that the most terribly important things must be left to the common man. These are the things they hold in common, not the things they hold separately.

 Therefore the political instinct or desire is one of the things they hold in common. Tradition then is what protects and keeps it solvent and unchanged thru time and space. Please note: I am not speaking of the Democratic Party, but rather of general governing principles.   

  Our country was founded on Christian principles, which includes of course the Ten Commandments as well as all that is prescribed in the Christian Bible including common sense moral principles.

Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors.  It is the “democracy of the dead”.

  Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant class of people who happen to be alive and walking about at any time. That happens to be us at present.

 We see of late the abortion lobby and in fact our own government attempting to force all its citizens to participate in this ultimate evil. All people in favor of this should apologize for being alive themselves.

 We see also that the same people are attempting to change the definition of marriage and in fact nullifying the meaning of marriage between a man and woman and the importance of the family.

 We must speak up and take action against this moral free fall with every moral and holy means possible.

John and Maria Baldwin

Kerrville Texas





Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2014


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