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The Blind Insurance Adjuster


This is another of those, “yep it’s true” stories.... that, I like to tell. Maybe I can tell this one; the problem is that most of the characters are still alive. Yeah but most of them can’t read!!

It all began on a dark and stormy night ... that’s right a hailstorm passed through Little Rock. I got five dealers out of the storm with hail. I called the boss and he said organize it however I wanted and he would arrive to help in three days time. But the extra guys were not due in for a few days either so I started a Pontiac dealer first. Now this dealer was a Bubba Buddy or whatever they called Bill Clinton’s favorite bunch of butties in Little Rock. The General Manager worked for a real Friend of Bills. Although I had met Governor Bubba and had been personally lied too; not real challenge in the state of Arkansas, I liked this GM and we got along great.

So here we were on a Saturday AM; I had my son with me to wash and move cars and I was inspecting vehicles under the front awning on a very bright and sunny day. About noon the GM said it was lunchtime and asked if I wanted to go eat. Usually, that meant yes, but I had to make a run to the airport and pick up a senior staff adjuster who was coming to help me on this loss and the other losses.

“I’d like to go but I have to pick up another adjuster at the airport.”

“Oh good, we can finish faster with two of you and get this done tomorrow?”

“ Probably so. Uh, one thing about this adjuster.”

“Sure what?”

“Well don’t laugh at him.”

“Why would we do that!!?”

“Well, he’s ... he’s handicapped.”

“We would never laugh at someone’s handicap.”

“Well he’s sensitive about it.”

“What, what kind of handicap has this adjuster that we might even consider laughing?”

“Well, he’s, he’s .... blind!”

“A blind hail adjuster!!?”

“Yeah it’s one of those equality things that Ford had to do after your Bubby passed those laws.”

“Yeah but a blind adjuster!? How does he see the dents!!?”

“He just feels them. Runs his hand across; just like eyes; blind from birth; hassle is traveling not seeing hail; good man.”

“But ......”

“You promised not to laugh. Gotta run.”

So my son and I went to the airport. I told Kristopher just to keep it all on the QT. He did.

We picked up Charlie right on time. He was well dressed; with a sport coat and a really dark pair of aviator glasses. Really dark. I didn’t say a word. We went to lunch and talked about everything but hail.

We arrived back at the dealership. Pulled up in front and there stood the GM. He was watching intently as Charlie the Blind Adjuster got out of the car. Charlie is older than all the other adjusters and stumbles a little when he walks. And he sort of staggered over to the first car. Leaving his glasses on; he did that old body shop manager thing of running his hands over the hood. We all did that sort of thing. We could feel those imperfections. Great hands and great eyes.

Charlie remarked out loud; “Bunch of dents; easy hail to write.”

“Damn he is blind.”  said the GM in exclamation as I walked up.”

“I tried to tell you. Blind as a bat.”

Kent M. Herrick





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