Is that an oxymoron?


London Terror Attack


 The poignancy, the contrast, between the protection of the Prime Minister, and she deserves to be protected by weapons and strong bodies, and the defenseless PC Palmer whose life was taken because he did his duty but did without the same means to protect himself as the PM had to protect her. 

 The difference is a tradition of weaponless police?  What a epithet on his grave. He died for a tradition. 

  I carry not to wage war or bring forth mayhem but so I am at least the equal of any terrorist and being so armed,  terror will not be feared and we will walk in public with a brave heart.

 The brave PC Palmer should not die in vain. On 9-11 had a few brave hearts been allow to protect themselves with more than just sharp pencils we might celebrate 9-11 instead of mourn it. 

Kent Herrrick 


Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2017


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