Whale Recipe Found Lacking

Letter to the editor in chief


Dear Sir,   I am extremely disappointed that your recipe for Whale Stew is completely inaccurate and wasted a good whale. Having obtained at great expense and difficulty a Right Whale of around 105 tons and then added all the other ingredients it ended up just being boiled whale with a minimal garnish of vegetables, not a stew at all.

Furthermore having invited 347,161 people we perhaps made our servings too large at about 1 lb per person leaving nearly 100,000 people without food. That is 100,000 very disappointed people who were promised a delicious Whale Stew.   Having been through this dreadful experience perhaps you could look at your recipe again.

Should the recipe be  one 10.5 ton (ten and a half) Whale such as a large Minke which would have been much easier to obtain and allow a much more manageable event with around 38,000 people (assuming around 1 lb portion size)?   

Link: http://herrickreport.com/whalerecipes.html   

  Martin Johnson from the United Kingdom



Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2012


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