All Heroes Day

Monday is a Holiday. The country voted to celebrate the leadership of Dr. King in the struggle for human rights for all Americans. He is a true American hero. The supports the idea that the nation use this holiday to recognize all American heroes. When is their day?

Ok I know I just stepped into a minefield but before throwing rotten fruit bear with me. 

We have essentially eliminated the importance of the Washington and Lincoln holidays. The South no longer celebrates Lee and Davis. We have blasted the image of poor Columbus; we have smashed the virtues of our Founding Fathers with some truth and much inaccuracies, attempting to lower their value and their ideals which they so nobly espoused. But then who are our heroes? When is their day?

In each of us we have our heroes. Maybe it is Martin Luther or even Martin Luther King; but what if it's Mabel Swanson our third grade teacher or Shamus O'Malley the fireman that saved our kitten from the tree. When is their day? We have Memorial Day and that day remembers our war dead; and Veteran's Day remembers all the Vets but maybe my hero is neither a dead veteran or a great president; and maybe my hero changes whenever the need to be personally fulfilled by their great deeds occurs. When is their day? 

I don't want to lower the value of MLK Day ... I want to elevate it. I want a Day when we can remember all the Heroes; when we can salute those that make us proud; those that gave us encouragement; those that freed our minds and souls. Why should I only remember one hero; why can't I have a day to remember them individually? When is their day?

I want a parade for my hero too; I want speeches; I want Congressional Resolutions; and a red day on the calendar. I want to remember my heroes every day but I want a day for you to remember them too and to remember yours too.. Who is your hero? When is their day?