1. Your Name:

2. Your Income:

 Group or Groups to Apologize to:

                           A. Whites to Black

                           B: Blacks to Whites

                           C: Christians to Moslems

                           D: Jews to Christians

                           E: Texans to Mexicans

                           F: Jews to Germans

                           H. French to all Groups

                           I. Chinese to Imperial Japanese Army Forces

                           J. Rosie to the USA, World, Universe

                           K. Pick somebody.

                           M. All groups .... add additional funds accordingly.

Standard Apology:   I sincerely apologize for all the nasty things that I have said and thought about _________. To make me feel better I am including an offering of ______________. (at least 10% of everything you have)

____________________________________   Date______________

               Cut and Paste into an E-mail: then send cash in small bills to the

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