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Is all of your Apple Juice "China-Free". We bought some at Wal-Mart Kerrville and it says from USA! I have posted this at .... "LiveChinaFree" and "ChinaFreeApple" ...

We have plugged Lucky Leaf  (Tree-Top)  for using only China Free Apples and are happy to do so.

Kent Herrick 


Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern and our LUCKY LEAF Apple Juice. 

Knouse Foods is also a grower owned cooperative and annually processes between 11-12 million bushels of apples. Our plants are located in South-central Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan. We have apple juice presses at each of our plants, which are utilized to supply the bulk of the product packaged by Knouse Foods. We trust you will enjoy reading a little more regarding our company from the following link:

Knouse does find itself in a position from time-to-time to supplement both the volume and the quality of the products that we pack by using apple juice concentrate. This is done to maintain shelf space in your local markets, and also to avoid swings in quality caused by natural changes that occur in the apples. Much of the concentrate used is from other apple producing countries since there is insufficient apple juice, apples or concentrate produced in the U.S. to supply the needs of the market. Whenever foreign apple juice concentrate is used in our juice the Country of Origin Declaration will be included on the bottle. We want to assure you that we check each shipment of apple juice concentrate before including it in our apple juice.

As a suggestion, you may look for our Premium Apple Juice that is made from pressed apples. We trust this will assist you regarding your concern.

Karan Hoffman
Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc.
P.O. Box 807
53 E Hanover Street
Biglerville, PA 17307
Phone: 717-677-8181, Ext. 4345
Fax: 717-677-5402

and Tree-Top


Thank you for contacting us with your concerns regarding the Country of
Origin. We are currently using apple juice concentrate from China in a
limited number of our products.

To assure that you are getting concentrate from the USA, look for the
country of origin statement that will be printed directly on all sizes
of Tree Top Apple Juice containers, close to the best by date. If the
statement reads: Conc. from USA then rest assured that the juice is from
the United States. If a foreign concentrate was used to make the 100 %,
Apple Juice then the country of origin will read: Conc. from USA / name
of foreign country. 

It is not our normal practice to use imported concentrate; we normally
produce and use our own concentrate; however, there have been only two
occasions when Tree Top was not going to have enough concentrate to last
to the upcoming harvest and has blended with other concentrate imported
from China. The first time was with the 2003 crop; we are using it now
because of increased demand for apples in the fresh market, apples that
would normally have been available to us for processing have not been

Tree Top produces 80% of US concentrate, so there really is not another
domestic source. 

Tree Top's Unsweetened Applesauce, Three Apple Blend or the Three Apple
Reserve will always come from the United States. It is a fresh pressed
product that comes from apples in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.
However, the Vitamin C used in the product will most likely be from

We hope this information will be beneficial. If you have any further
questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-542-4055.