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jaws drawn tight and my rifle is aiming
in a few minutes my bullets be blazing

crawling low and slow; the enemy draws near
he's doing his best; for me not to hear

the enemy is good but I'm on my toes
my rifle is ready, he's about to get hosed

it's kill or be killed; "stand your ground!"
"hold on!" not one step back will I bound

all buddies safe; are depending on me
I'll do my job, and we will not flee

my country called and I ran to serve
my heart was strong and I have nerve

my enemy is dead; he lays cold and still
protecting my buddies, I had a job to fill

the battle is over; we gather around
thanks to the Lord, we're all safe and sound

my buddies saw the enemy and what I did
they gave me wink; "way to go kid!"

now you can walk; as a man among men
with the Lord's help, we will always win

freddy swan

 july 13, 07      



         Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2007 


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