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China's Melamine Scandal ... They thinned the milk with water! Then added Melamine so it would test high enough to look like full strength milk with a complete protein count. 50,000 sick and a four babies... BUT they say it's safe  now ... until when ... ?

Latest tests on Chinese dairy products have found no traces of melamine, following a scandal involving powdered milk tainted with the chemical, the country's top quality supervision agency said Friday.

Samples of 128 batches from 31 brands of baby formula produced after Sept 14 did not contain melamine, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) said."  But how many of the arrested should be shot?!!

the pills that kill

CHINA! ....  "Counterfeit medicines are easy to produce, low risk and vastly profitable. A drug costing a fraction of a penny can be sold for 50 times as much and more. In one MHRA case, 100,000 fake tablets supplied by a Chinese manufacturer for about 25p each were being sold for up to 20 each in the UK, worth 1.6 million in total." Link

Inferior (Criminal)  Chinese Buildings Caused Many Earthquake Deaths

"The Southern Metropolis News quoted a rescuer as saying that rubble from the school showed that no steel reinforcing bars had been used in construction, only iron wire.

The government says the May 12 earthquake destroyed 7,000 classrooms. Many parents have accused contractors of cutting corners when building the classrooms, resulting in schools that could not withstand the 7.9-magnitude quake. Pictures of collapsed schools surrounded by buildings still standing have fueled anger." Link   ........... CHINA POST

China: Quake Fraud Arrests 

May need to shoot a few before the Olympics!

and then Shoot the Judges too!!

"In its efforts to reform and improve its judicial system, the Supreme People's Court (SPC) said on Monday it will track retrials resulting from cases tried by particular judges, and will punish those who are prone to errors.

Shen Deyong, vice-president of the SPC, announced the new policy at a meeting of top judicial officials in Beijing.

"We will spare no effort to study and root out any judicial injustice caused by human factors," Link

Chinese Expel Diabetic from University  

" ... the young man surnamed Yang was expelled from Shangdong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine last Saturday simply because he has diabetes, local media reported.

Yang has had diabetes for four years and with good treatment, he never missed any classes.

"I even successfully finished the military training before I started university," he said. But Yang admitted he did not write down he had diabetes on his university application to avoid being treated differently and looked down by others."  Link

China "most serious espionage threat" 

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission accused China of failing "to meet the threshold test of international responsibility in the area of non-proliferation" by aiding Iran's nuclear, missile and chemical programs and refusing to effectively use its leverage to bring North Korea back into nuclear weapons negotiations. LINK

"China strongly opposes the report and has lodged strong representations with the US side," said Liu in response to the recent annual report presented to the US Congress by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. link

Old News? China Sells Executed Prisoner's Organs

$10,000 in cash.  (2000) "They encountered a medical culture where kidneys were given to those with money and a doctor could stop treatment if a patient didn't pay up. Surgeons advised them to wait until a major holiday, when authorities traditionally execute the most prisoners." Link  .... More

2006 "According to his (Dr. Wang Guoqi, a burn specialist) statement, the police hospital often was notified in advance of multiple executions, usually around the Chinese New Year or the government's 'strike hard' campaigns against crime. Wang said security officials were paid $37 a corpse to tip off the hospital about executions. Kidneys later were sold to wealthy or high-ranking people for more than $15,000 each,..." 

Chinese Deny .... "Any clear-sighted person can see that this is a vicious slander against China," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue said. "I believe for personal purposes, they have gone so far as to create those sensational lies. With regard to the trade in human organs, China strictly prohibits that. The major source of human organs comes from voluntary donations from Chinese citizens."  Link

China's mines are considered the most dangerous in the world. More than 4700 workers were killed last year, according to official figures, although independent labour groups put deaths at up to 20,000 annually.


"Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao highlighted the issue of water safety in the urban areas at a meeting of the State Council on Wednesday, pledging the government will work to ensure drinking water safety in both rural and urban areas. Link

    There are still problems concerning water safety in cities, said a press release after the meeting, such as unsafe or polluted water sources, out-dated facilities and poor quality monitoring."  Green Apple Quick Trots!

How Many Chinese Coal Miners Died Each Year? 

"Death rate of every 100 tons would be put under three" Chinese Source

Extrapolate .. 1.9 billion tons of coal  (1 900 000 / 100 = 19 000 X 3 )..... equals not 6000 but 57,000 Dead Miners  Link

Chinese Ministry of Mine Safety


This is the Picture of Chinese Child Slavery; children forced to make fireworks for export; 

"In March 2001, 42 people  most of them third and fourth graders   lost their lives in an explosion at a school. Why did the school blow up? Because the Chinese government uses young students to make fireworks. That's how the Chinese keep the prices so low. The younger students are required to assemble at least 1,000 fireworks a day. The older children -fifth-graders- are required to make 10 times that many." (lost link)

 But why haven't they been doing something?

BEIJING (AFP) - China on Wednesday ordered a nationwide probe targeting the use of forced and slave labour after hundreds of workers, some of them children, were rescued from brutally run brickyards in two provinces.  Link ...more whitewash?

At a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, "it was decided that a mass inspection on labour conditions at the national level would be carried out as soon as possible,"

BBC Report on 2008 Olympics and Slave Labor

"A couple of years ago, the State Department suggested 100 million girls of all ages are missing. They should be alive and well somewhere in China, but are not."  U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) (There is severe shortage of females in China)

Chinese Respond to Critics of Food and Medicine

Sue the Critics First!! Or Shoot the Critics!!

"While it is impossible to dictate what the foreign media say, if a Chinese firm feels unfairly treated by a report it should supply the government with indisputable facts and conclusive data so that a legal case might be brought against the publisher. This would go a long way to protect the interests and credibility of exporters."  Link

Translation  Keep on polluting and poisoning we will sue those that criticize you!

750,000 a year killed by Chinese Pollution

"The Financial Times said the (World) Bank report, entitled 'Cost of Pollution in China', found up to 760,000 people die prematurely each year in China because of air and water pollution.  Financial Times Report

High levels of air pollution in China's cities leads to 350,000-400,000 premature deaths, it said. Another 300,000 die because of poor-quality air indoors."  BBC

Beijing's tap water is generally not safe

"Signs in luxury hotels in the capital tell guests that water has been treated and is safe to drink, but most Chinese consider it unsafe and do not drink it themselves."  Chinese Two Step


"Zheng was sentenced to death in May for taking bribes to approve an antibiotic blamed for at least 10 deaths and other substandard medicines."

Chinese American Trade War

"Fundamentally misaligned currencies distort global markets and put US manufacturers and farmers at a competitive disadvantage," said the statement by the group, which also includes Senator Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Finance Committee,   BBC

China Uses Slave Labor in Brick Business

"ZHENGZHOU -- Police from central China's Henan Province say they have rescued 217 people, including 29 children, who had been working as slaves in brick kilns in the province."


Thousands stolen ... a few returned

We heard that the price for a male child will be around $3,600. It's much higher than the price for girls, which will be between $120 and $1000," he said.

"As people have more money and more resources in south and west [China], then they could be tempted to buy these children."   More 

Chinese Government .... could care less

and a wife too


"At the market - a heaving mass of desperate souls - lascivious men eye up teenage girls. Two ramshackle sheds the size of aircraft hangars are crammed with young women, many with crude signs at their feet advertising their skills." Link


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