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(Reuters) - China's food safety watchdog has launched an investigation into local juice makers after a media report said they used rotten fruit to make their products. The probe includes two branches of the country's sector leader, China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd.

DR. OZ Investigation of Arsenic in Apple Juice

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We like Martinelli's Apple Juice ... 100% American!

Pure 100% juice from U.S. grown fresh apples.

With the renewed crisis in Chinese products the and LiveChinaFree will continue to search for U.S. Products or those known to be USSAFE!

and really good!!

"I choose the apples that are pock-marked and are slightly bitten up by bugs," she told me while replacing the apples in my basket. "I figure if the fruit is good enough for the insect, it's good enough for me."

"Two-thirds of apple juice that Americans consume—more than 400 million gallons annually—come from China."

U.S. food safety oversight of Chinese food processors has not remotely kept pace with the exploding number of imports. In fact, when the melamine-tainted pet food crisis began, it took the FDA nearly a month to even identify its counterpart in China. from China."

"Chinese authorities have closed two dairies in the northern region of Ningxia following the discovery of a further 170 tonnes of melamine tainted milk powder, according to media reports. 

The latest case adds to the growing number of discoveries in recent weeks of products tainted with the toxic chemical that were repackaged for sale and put back on the market in China instead of being destroyed after the 2008 melamine scandal, whereby milk powder laced with melamine killed six children and sickened an estimated 300,000. " Link

Latest on Apple Juice from China!

"Two decades ago the United States had a healthy apple juice industry, but due to increases Chinese apple production over the past two decades, their apple juice concentrate has flooded the US market. During this time, imports of Chinese concentrates grew by more than 3000 times from a mere $45,000 in 1989 to $170,818,000 in 2005. This growth has been put scores of Washington apple orchards out of business." Link

Arsenic in Apple Juice---technical report


Luo Xi-Wen, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, “heavy metal contamination has polluted more than 20 million hectares of land, which accounts for one-sixth of our country’s arable land.”

"In parts of Southern China, large swathes of land were found to be contaminated with cadmium, with over 60 percent of the rice crop in these areas contaminated with unsafe levels of the heavy metal." Link

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Remember Melamine?

How it was added to milk and dogfood by those really nice Chinese companies!

MELAMINE: An explosion at a chemical plant in eastern China has killed fourteen workers. ... Melamine is a nitrogen-rich chemical used to make plastics and other products: however, Xinhua said no poisonous or harmful substances were released by the explosion." Link

RESET: "In 2008, baby formula tainted with melamine, an industrial chemical, killed at least six infants and caused kidney problems in more than 300,000 children across the country.

Eating in China .... Safely

"I choose the apples that are pock-marked and are slightly bitten up by bugs," she told me while replacing the apples in my basket. "I figure if the fruit is good enough for the insect, it's good enough for me."

In China, she told me, the most perfectly formed, most appetizing piece of fruit is the scariest of them all. Link

The latest food safety report? Watermelons so juiced up with growth-enhancing chemicals that the fruit bursts open in the field.

I have received responses to inquiries made concerning Apple Juice made at Lucky Leaf and Tree-Top as both companies make a product that comes from US grown apples. Each does say that they do use Chinese apples during times when US apples are not available. Each said to look closely at the printing on the bottle itself for remarks concerning country of origin.

Read the letter at .... Link

Apples are not directly imported into the USA  from China due to "safety" concern; so it must be processed there into concentrate and shipped here. It arrives in drums like these ....


and then processed here into the product you buy at the store.

We support all companies that buy China Free and especially make juice from U.S. Apples!

Martinelli's Apple Juice ... 100% American!

LUCKY LEAF bought at Wal-Mart! ... Says " from USA" 

MOTTS .... says on the packages I saw Concentrate from China and Argentina.

Hill Country .... an Texas brand sold at H.E.B. said ... "China".

Old Orchard .... China and .... some others were named.....

TREE TOP  Brand  said .... Concentrate from USA"

Albertson's Brand Apple Juice ... China

But even Tree-Top and Lucky Leaf use China to fill in the gaps in American production. Read

U.S. Apple Association

"After Chinese juice concentrate entered the U.S. market, the average price for juice apples fell to $55 a ton in 1998 from $153 a ton in 1995. The industry filed an antidumping case but lost on appeal with the U.S. Commerce Department. Today, more than half of imported concentrate comes from China.

"It was an uproar within the industry," said Jim Allen, president of the New York Apple Association. "What can we do? It just takes the bottom right out of our market when the product is being delivered to New York City for less than we can process and harvest it here in the United States."

But are Chinese Apples and their processing safe! Jury is out; Support American Growers

"The former head of China's Food and Drug Administration was executed in recent weeks after being found guilty on corruption charges -- a step the government said should serve notice to others trying to cut corners."

The is trying to be fair; if you have information that is pro-or-con about Apple Juice .... Chinese or otherwise please submit. We have taken information from the net and it can be questionable but we assume it is accurate.

Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2014


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