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“Mei ban fa"
("nothing can be done")

"Chinese food processing plants are staffed by workers with little education — the people who are willing to work for the kind of low wages that make it possible to process U.S. chickens in Chinese plants and export them back to America cost effectively. Unfortunately, these mostly rural workers have limited knowledge of hygiene and sanitation."

Expect to be sick.  “Mei ban fa"

"Food poisoning is extremely common, and the rates of cancer in China are rising. I know personally three people under the age of 40 with liver or kidney failure. Gastrointestinal cancer is one of the most common cancers in China. People largely view this as unavoidable and a consequence of dirty food." “Mei ban fa"

"The officials don't really care what the common people eat because they and their family are getting a special supply of food,"  “Mei ban fa"

Rat meat the new lamb

PROCESSING in CHINA .... No Inspectors

"U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is about to allow U.S chickens to be sent to China for processing and then shipped back to the U.S. for human consumption.

This arrangement is particularly alarming given China’s appalling food safety record and the fact that there will be no on-site USDA inspectors in those plants."  (LINK)


Chinese chicken .... our chicken is the worlds best and the Chinese the worst ... USDA to allow.

“China has been a massive source of food poisoning here in America for years,”


" ... these vegetables are not placed on the table of ordinary people, but provides a "certain sectors."

Chinese to English translation


"Miss Feng Mum" said: "Chinese propaganda is belittling foreign milk powder in order to boost domestic brands. But who will trust those deceptive domestic producers?"

"Chauvet_Zhao" wrote: "Foreign producers carry out preventive recalls, but domestic companies get exposed only when their milk powder kills people."

"Model Brother II" said: "Foreign milk products get contaminated due to negligence, which is equivalent to 'manslaughter'. Domestic producers intentionally add melamine to milk powder, which is 'intentional murder'."


"China’s stated policy for the past 15 years was to be self-sufficient in the production of three crops: corn, rice and wheat. It’s becoming clear that policy has been abandoned. China is becoming non-self-sufficient in grains and even rice. China represents 20% of the world’s population, but it only has 7% of global arable land. Increased urban and industrial development has substantially reduced the amount of per capita cropland. Chinese cropland erosion is resulting in soil loss of 40 tons per hectare each year, 4 times the erosion estimated in the U.S. and Europe.

China was a major exporter of grain but increasing incomes and the development of a middle class have changed consumers’ diets, moving away from carbohydrates towards proteins. China has gone from a net exporter to a net importer for much of its grain supply.


As Natural News has already reported, food from China is frequently found to contain alarming levels of heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury) and other contaminants. Politically, China is a communist dictatorship where freedom of speech is completely outlawed. Environmental regulations are virtually never enforced. The culture is one of total deception where lying, cheating, stealing or committing fraud to get ahead is considered completely acceptable ..."

The Rest of the Story


Where is your shrimp from?

The waters of many fish farms are considered unsafe even for people to touch. Link

"Our waters here are filthy,"  said Ye Chao, an eel and shrimp farmer who has 20 giant ponds in western Fuqing. "There are simply too many aquaculture farms in this area. They're all discharging water here, fouling up other farms." 

1. toxic vegetables .... 9,610 kg of vegetables were found having excessive residues of three pesticides (one plant)3.5 tonnes of Hainan cow peas found were tainted with a poisonous pesticide.

   2. about half of the disposable dishware used in China are unsafe, with excessive amounts of chemicals that can cause cancer. (takeout boxes)

   3. Gas poisoning strikes 55 in south China food plant

    4. 25,100 tonnes of defective milk powder seized in the 2008 toxic baby food probe had been incinerated and buried

Chinese Fish Imports


"Fish is an important part of a naturally healthy diet, unless it comes from China, Vietnam or Thailand. In Vietnam, catfish farms are built along the nastiest river in the world. Houses built on stilts all along the Mekong River allow their sewage to drop below into the same river the people wash their clothes and dishes. The water is also polluted with factory waste water and chemicals.

Imported fish from China, Vietnam and Thailand is virtually uninspected. Less than two percent of fish and seafood imported from these countries is inspected by the country of origin and the US." The Rest of the Story

Check the package ..... Country of Origin is on the package!

More from the


FDA Halts Imports of Farmed Fish From China

"The contaminants found in the fish are the antimicrobials nitrofuran, malachite green, gentian violet, and fluoroquinolone. Nitrofuran, malachite green and gentian violet, which are used to treat fungal infections, have been shown to be carcinogenic with long-term exposure in lab animals. The use of fluoroquinolones in food animals may increase antibiotic resistance to this class of antibiotics.

Fish farmers in China are purposely adding these chemicals to the fish feed and water to deal with fungal and bacterial infections" Link

Reports from FDA

Chinese consumers fear their own milk and baby formula production .....  The country's milk products scandals in recent years have triggered a craze for overseas dairy products. Link

"In 2008, baby formula tainted with melamine, an industrial chemical, killed at least six infants and caused kidney problems in more than 300,000 children across the country.

A year later, similarly tainted milk powder was found in Dongyuan-brand milk powder made in Northwest China's Qinghai province.

In November 2010, quality inspectors in Central China's Hunan province recalled 861 packages of contaminated dairy drinks, with each package containing 15 bottles. Further investigation traced the contamination to Dongyuan's case." Link


"Your "Best Choice" is tilapia grown in the U.S. in environmentally friendly systems. "Avoid" farmed tilapia from China and Taiwan, where pollution and weak management is a problem." LinkWhere is your shrimp from?

The waters of many fish farms are considered unsafe even for people to touch. Link

"Our waters here are filthy,"  said Ye Chao, an eel and shrimp farmer who has 20 giant ponds in western Fuqing. "There are simply too many aquaculture farms in this area. They're all discharging water here, fouling up other farms." 

Chinese Fish is Unsafe

Melamine has been found in dozens of products exported globally from China and now, it seems, experts are worried that seafood raised on Chinese fish farms might also be tainted with the industrial chemical, said MarketWatchNews, citing a Los Angeles Times report.  Among other foods that have made headlines in recent months a variety of milk teas and coffees, cocoas, yogurts, candies, cookies, biscuits, cheeses, eggs, and crackers, have all been found to be tainted with melamine, prompting international recalls.    Now, scientists and consumer advocates are worried that China-raised seafood has joined the ever-expanding list of dangerous foods produced in that country.

Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation

Murray M. Lumpkin, M.D.
Deputy Commissioner for International and Special Program

"As the aquaculture industry continues to grow in developing economies, concerns regarding the use of unapproved animal drugs and unsafe chemicals in aquaculture operations have increased substantially. The use of unapproved antibiotics or chemicals in aquaculture raises significant public health concerns. There is clear scientific evidence that the use of antibiotics, and other drugs and chemicals, such as malachite green, nitrofurans, fluoroquinolones, and gentian violet, during the various stages of aquaculture can result in the presence of residues of the parent compound or its metabolites that are found in the edible portion of the aquacultured seafood and can be potentially harmful to human health. Also, the use in aquaculture of unapproved antibiotics may significantly increase antimicrobial resistance to those antibiotics in human pathogens of public health concern."  Complete Testimony

Not 50,000 Babies but 294,000!!! Made Sick

"China has dramatically raised the tally of children sickened by dairy products laced with the industrial chemical melamine to 294,000, more than five times the original figure.

In a late-night statement on Monday, the health ministry also said six babies may have died from consuming poisoned milk, up from a previous confirmed death toll of three." Link

Stopping Cheap, Unsafe Chinese ... SHRIMP!

BATON ROUGE  -- Federal law-enforcement agents have begun new efforts to prevent Chinese shrimp producers from evading trade and food-safety laws.

Louisiana's shrimp industry, along with those in other Southern states, has waged a long-fought battle to curb the illegal dumping of cheap foreign shrimp on the U.S. market. The shrimp is often sold below production costs." Link

Tainted milk; Milk products, eggs, egg products, candy,'s in the food chain and people around the world are going to be sick eating Chinese products..

Chinese government later confirmed it was widespread. Unscrupulous suppliers are suspected of adding melamine to watered-down milk to make it appear protein-rich in quality tests.

"Amid China's worst food-safety crisis in years, thousands of parents have jammed into hospital emergency rooms. More than 50,000 children have been treated for kidney ailments and nearly 6,000 remain hospitalized, the Health Ministry said this week. Four deaths have been linked to the toxic milk." Link

Three Gorges already wrecking the fisheries industry in the East China Sea

"CHINA'S Three Gorges dam isn't fully operational yet, but it is already threatening one of the world's biggest fisheries in the East China Sea. A drop in the amount of fresh water and sediment reaching the sea is to blame." Expect more problems with Chinese fish

"China accounts for 21 percent of all seafood imported into the U.S. ($500 million of that coming through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach." 

"Monkfish was rejected for being filthy. Frozen catfish nuggets were turned away because they contained veterinary drugs. Tilapia fillets were contaminated with salmonella. The problems were even worse in April, when 257 shipments from China were rejected, including 68 of seafood. Frozen eel contained pesticides, frozen channel catfish had salmonella and frozen yellowfin steaks were filthy, ... "  Link

Demand country of origin packaging ... demand it now! 

Your Congress..................  U.S. House ......... U.S. Senate  ... ....  FDA

The Number on reason Chinese Imports of Food are refused......!!


Read this list and .....PUKE!    .... no pictures please!

And What do the Chinese say: "I dare not eat farmed fish or meat because most are fed with growth pills or pumped with bad additives. I worry about vegetables in case they are tainted with pesticide. I even think twice about the water I drink because it might contain heavy metals."  .......... "I think foreign food is less risky. Even though they are not as fresh, I trust products from the US, Europe and Japan because those countries protect their environments. Sometimes when I see foreigners blithely eating raw lettuce in Chinese restaurants, I worry for them."   Link

Kraft Foods Explains their packaging and the Farm Law ... good read!

in part .... "If a product (or component of a product) is manufactured in a country other than the United States, the packaging will reflect this information. The label will state:
Product of ....     If no statement is made about production in a foreign country, the entire product was made in the US."


"Dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical. Frozen catfish laden with banned antibiotics. Scallops and sardines coated with putrefying bacteria. Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides"  .... Washington Post  

FDA REFUSAL REPORTS ---       but even when you look at just China you must also look at other countries too where product comes in .... say Canada and then is repacked to the USA with Chinese product.

Expanded to include more FOOD ITEMS!

"Zhao Baoqing, first commercial secretary of the Chinese Embassy, yesterday at a press conference said that all types of food would be examined, with at least one box checked from each shipment -- confirmed by a government seal attached to a package or shipment, ..." But who checks the inspectors!

"WHO is pleased to have received this briefing from the MOH, which shows that the government has recognized that China has some special challenges and is working to address them," said Joanna Brent, WHO's Beijing-based spokeswoman.Link

Chinese Manager.... "Our company's most basic principle is not to harm the consumer," 

Wow and so I really feel better now!


FDA Detains Imports of Farm-Raised Chinese Seafood
Products Have Repeatedly Contained Potentially Harmful Residues 

   The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ..... announced a broader import control of all farm-raised catfish, basa, shrimp, dace (related to carp), and eel from China. FDA will start to detain these products at the border until the shipments are proven to be free of residues from drugs that are not approved in the United States for use in farm-raised aquatic animals.

  "The fish are being raised, however, in a country whose waterways are an ongoing environmental problem, tainted by sewage, pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants."  Washington Post Story

 "In May, Alabama and Mississippi, which have their own catfish industries, stopped some grocery store sales of Chinese catfish because some contained low levels of antibiotics. The action came nearly two months before a ban by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Health officials in the United States and China worry that antibiotics could contribute to resistance in humans when ingested over long periods of time, making antibiotics less effective in the event of a serious illness."   Washington Post Story

  "China said Wednesday it will inspect fish farms across the country to guard against use of illegal drugs and chemicals, but insisted the majority of its seafood products were safe."   51% or 99% .... ?

Fish Oil  There are companies in China producing fish oil and fish oil capsules. (Link) If you are taking this product then by all means read the label and determine if possible it's country of origin. Fish oil is used as a lubricant in drilling and is manufactured in a few other countries to specifications that do not include human consumption. But where it goes after it enters the human pipeline is anybodies guess. 

" Pregnant women are often told to take fish oil capsules but must be careful to get the best quality, instead of cheap, generic stuff. The cheap fish oil may come from fish with contamination and may not be free of pollutants. Women should be careful about the types of fish and fish oil they consume when they are pregnant, nursing, or even when experiencing pregnancy symptoms."  

 (Women's Health recommends this product)

See a doctor first! The does not give medical advise!

And Food Additives?  FDA List                 GRAS-List ( Generally Regarded As Safe)

  Raw Pharmaceuticals and food additives -CHINA LIST

The is trying to be fair; if you have information that is pro-or-con about fish and shrimp products .... Chinese or otherwise please submit. We have taken information from the net and it can be questionable but we assume it is accurate.

Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2016


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