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Babies and Kids

CPSC VIOLATIONS or  Download this information as an Excel spreadsheet

Healthy Baby Toys

 SLAVES MAKE YOUR TOYS ......" Dongguan Zhenyang Wanju Limited factory in China by young workers forced to toil 12 to 13-plus hour shifts in near freezing conditions, earning as little as $1.36 an hour and sleeping in crowded dorms on narrow wooden bunk beds.

The Zhenyang toy factory has over 1,000 regular employees and 800 temporary and student workers, many of whom are just 16 years of age.  "


  "Parents should know that no toys are tested by the CPSC, no matter where they come from, China or Kansas," says Ed Mierzwinski of the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. "Toys from brand-name companies and brand-name stores are potentially hazardous, as are toys from dollar stores."

"We are working with Chinese authorities (AQSIQ) to help establish stronger in-country testing protocols and inspections for toys intended for export anywhere." Toy Industry Association.

American Made Toys .... Lead Free!! -Link

Good News .... not as bad as last year, assuming you trust China so the and LiveChinaFree will follow the toy season

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Mattel's Recall Site

The CPSC advises parents or caregivers to immediately take the recalled toys away from children and contact Fisher-Price in order to receive a free replacement toy.

Contact Fisher-Price at (888) 299-0579 anytime, or visit the firm's Web site at

 "Once burned shame on them; Twice burned shame on you!"

Chinese Officials Threaten to Punish Shoddy Manufactures 

(That usually means ... a Bullet)

"We endorse enterprises' recall measures. We'll strictly scrutinize producers and punish (those churning out shoddy or unsafe products)," watchdog chief Li Changjiang

China Toy Crisis (no crisis; stop buying crap!)

    "While the West has long relied on cheap Chinese imports to keep prices low for consumers, the recent rash of product safety scares is likely to lead to more stringent, and expensive, testing procedures." And where was the testing before one might ask!! 

More lead in Children's Jewellery 

"Immediate action was obviously taken to remove these dangerous products from our shops as soon as we became aware of the problem.

"We would never ever knowingly sell toxic jewellery to customers and take the health and safety of our customers extremely seriously. "We are urgently reviewing our quality assurance process."   (More Chinese ....crap!)

    BEIJING, China (AP) -- "The head of a Chinese manufacturer whose lead-tainted Sesame Street toys were the center of a massive U.S. recall has killed himself, .... Cheung Shu-hung, who co-owned Lee Der Industrial Co., committed suicide at a warehouse over the weekend, apparently by hanging himself " CNN

The is trying to be fair; if you have information that is pro-or-con about any Chinese Product  please submit. We have taken information from the net and it can be questionable at times but we assume after our investigation that it is accurate. We are not responsible for anything that is written by others and printed here.

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