The Dems grabbed an opportunity

To grow power and government,

so they forced Obamacare down our necks.

They broke an old system,

that only needed a little tweak.


Now all Dems are marching again;

goose-stepping to keep their power.

And control. “Make America Sick Again!”


Here's my view.


If the Dems were Ever serious

rather than about power and control,

they blew a chance to fix the problem.

So wrapped up in a power grab,

they forgot to fix what was really needed.


Obamacare was a failure,

and the Obstructionist now want you to keep it.

Keep their failed system.

Rather than roll up their sleeves and say let's fix.


They want to again scare old People,

with “Make America Sick Again.

Government should not have gotten

involved in the first place.


But power and greed of Democrats salivating

Over a power was too big to pass up.


Freddy Swan



Freddy's Views

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Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2017


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