Freedom and Socialism

Free enterprise can only exist with …. Freedom.

Socialism can only exist with a commensurate loss of Liberty.

The Command Economy of American Socialism can only exist where Americans have vacated their freedoms to a leadership which welcomes the recipient of our laziness.

The acceptor of the taxpayers’ largess and the generosity of our international lenders has allowed the Liberal Left to acquire power while vilifying the innovators; the hard working producers of capital and profit that are extorted with confiscatory taxation aimed squarely at removing their wealth and redistributed to those that will vote to elect the Great Leaders.

We are bombarded with stories of gifts of our tax money in the form of food stamps; disability payments and cell phones and when we the taxpayers question the recipients as to their eligibility to receive those gifts we are attacked as uncaring, callous, racist, homophobic elitist bigots.

Socialism is a direct result of citizen laziness, unwillingness to resist the assumption of power which is a natural result of pretentious government, a government that believes that even though the individual is incapable of protecting himself, they in the government, individuals themselves, can collectively rule over us with efficiency and fairness redistributing from the oppressed earners to the welcoming beneficiary.

Remember citizens that the most efficient form of government is one that dictates to the citizen. Democracy is by its nature best when it is inefficient, when the leaders must argue amongst themselves before they can pass laws over us.

We can lay back and become the lethargic dependents of a government happy to rule over us while passing to their friends the rewards of a command economy where they command and we acquiesce.  

It is governmental agencies/entities controlling people on the absurd notion that is their business to do so .... that we lack the capabilities to exist without them.

We can vote back freedom, democracy and free enterprise.

Kent M. Herrick, 2012


Socialism demands you be as poor as your neighbor ... now you can both be wards of the state and beholden to the Leader and his party.

Vote Poverty

Vote Democrat and Great Leader


Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2012


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