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My name is Jeff Hall, and  I am co-founder of Diamond Gusset Jeans. I was made aware of your link to our company today, and all I can say is Thanks! and Bless you 20 times for your keen awareness of the American Laborer and their plight. I have been in this industry for 20 years, and have watched methodically as everyone moved offshore to try and gain an "advantage" over their competitors. I, for one, care nothing about being competitive whatsoever.... what I care about is making the best pair of jeans possible, and doing so while knowing that MY friends and neighbors have the opportunity to earn a decent and fair wage doing something they're good at.... and believe me, there is No one on the planet that can sew like the wonderful AMERICANS in Blue Ridge Georgia!- All happy people with families and a long history of proud workmanship! - thanks! again for your kind endorsement, we sincerely appreciate it - all of us at Diamond Gusset Jeans.

Jeffrey S. Hall
Diamond Gusset
6276 Ladd Rd.
Franklin, TN 37067


My answer

Dear Jeff Hall

There are many Americans who are returning to the American worker and I hope web sites that support the American workers first will spread the word. I began my LiveChinaFree site because one mother ask me if Chinese Apple Juice was safe. Looking at my web statistics I can tell you that my site has not become a focus point for that awareness. But there are hundreds of sites and thousands of people who with their purchasing power can change the cheap and Chinese mentality. The and LiveChinaFree do not support an all out boycott of any countries goods and services; but we do support the workers that produce the best products; at the best prices; safe from health risks; and made by free laborers.

I will move your logo to the left column and leave it there and yes I wear American made jeans everyday here in Texas. I'll find a pair of your jeans and try them out! Also I will move your note to me to a web page for other readers to see. 

Live free and brave.