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If a product (or component of a product) is manufactured in a country other than the United States, the packaging will reflect this information. The label will state:
Product of ....

If no statement is made about production in a foreign country, the entire product was made in the US

When a product is manufactured outside the country for sale in the U.S., we comply with US Customs regulations to identify, on the label, the country where the product is manufactured

In the United States, the 2002 Farm Bill mandated country of origin labeling for meat, produce, seafood and peanuts. In April 2005 country of origin labeling for seafood went into effect. However, legislation passed in the Fall of 2005 delayed implementation for meat, produce and peanuts until September 30, 2008

Please be assured that Kraft complies with all applicable laws and regulations. As new requirements that impact our products go into effect, we will adjust our labeling to comply

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