Kent M. Herrick

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Lying on the Ground

Across the beach and up the bluff
Gasping for air; the landing rough.
Threw myself upon the ground
My friends lying all around.

The Night was cold; the bullets hot.
Throughout the dark; we brothers fought.
“I’m low on ammo; toss me some.”
“Got a ciggie I can bum?”

“Watch your front and I the rear!”
Way too scared to shed a tear.
Too many Jerries, Gooks and Rags
No more grenades and no more mags.

Blasts and Flashes burn my sight.
Darkness blacker than the night.
They will find us in the dawn.
Soldiers lying on the ground.

Kent Herrick
Memorial Day 2017


Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2017 


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