Memorial Day is for Remembering

A Solder's Prayer

Let the diplomats and statesmen
make the peace for men like me.
If they fail, then let the warriors
Lead the fight to make men free.

Though battle is not glorious;
I fight not fearlessly.
If I must die in battle;
Let me fall victoriously.

Victory ends the fighting;
lost friends immortalized.
In defeat we died in vain.
And some are demonized.

Though killing be not heroic;
men may die needlessly.
If I must die in battle;
Let me fall victoriously.

K.Herrick, 1999

  It's for remembering the fallen in Peace and in War. Simple as that .... it's not for Jumbo Sales at Penny's or Wal-Mart or bonus savings on new Honda's. It's about the graveyards that the dot the world where many are buried; some are remembered and  some are forgotten. K Herrick, editor

                    Memorial Day .... just remember one.

Veteran's Salute by Guy Randall Adams

CNN Video-Salute ... watch it!


Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2007 


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