"There more clowns in Washington than there are circuses to employ them."

Kent M. Herrick

Let them repossess Washington DC!

the Chinese can have it; it's banks are broke; it's full of fancy dress crooks; it's cold in the winter and mosquito ridden in the summer. The Chinese can have Washington; Obama and the Congress too. Here I give it to you ... you worry about; we are out of here!


"Just shows why they should keep my restraints tighter and the medicine at full strength."

Kent M. Herrick

"Is it a real Peace if the French offer to surrender and there is no one to accept it?" K.Herrick, 2006 

The Herrickreport.com invites intelligent, reasoned, and thus rational discourse of anything that is posted here .... agree or disagree all you like.  But this does not usually include calling the editor 

" a racist, Nazi, red-neck, fascist, bigoted A$$hole." 

Stunning .... Obama's AG Office Argues First Amendment ..... they are against free speech

"...the Deputy Solicitor General of the United States asserted that the government had the constitutional authority to criminalize the production of any communication with corporate assistance (such as from a publishing house or a film studio) that advocates the election or defeat of a federal candidate near an election.

"..the government claims that the First Amendment, contrary to popular belief, does not confer an inviolable right to speak freely about our elected officials." 

But the First was exactly written to protect speech against the Government ... 

"Congress shall make no law...."!! 

Went to the butcher the other day ..... and ask't him why it was called rump roast ..... he said "If I called it cow ass you'd buy more?  I don't think so."


Herrickreport.com .... Kent M. Herrick


the corruption of absolute power ....


 When there is no restraint there is that assumption that nothing will occur .... check out students in public school ... the assumption there will be no consequences leads to pushing the ethical and criminal envelope and unethical people with no conscience will assume unto themselves the same limits of a Kim or Putin or any other despot. The assumption that we are immune to this phenomena is incorrect.  Hitler might have been an aberration but in many ways he was just an extension of the same tactics used by the Kaiser's army in Belgium and France (hostages shot; deportations, and forced labor).


  Are we capable of the same .... sure I think so. Obama sees himself as the Black Savior even though he had no past as a slave or even discrimination. So another self absorbed revolutionary in the mode of every modern African leader and damn near all South and Central American leaders .... so why when allowed to do what they want should the Clintons and Obamas be different.


K M Herrick

Governments do not have rights they have powers and we gave this government limited powers for which they are extracting unlimited authority. 

KMH the editor


It is stuplifying when the people must demand that the government enforce the law.

Kent Herrick



We have no confidence in the Law .... Illegals are Legal and the Clintons are out of Jail.


 Far be it from me to know the ins and outs 
of the federal justice system but:
 1. the FBI investigates with the direction 
of prosecutors 

 2. Federal prosecutors decide when to go to the 
grand jury 

 3.Grand jury decides if there is sufficient
 evidence to prosecute 

 This eliminates the conflict and suspicious 
nature that the suspects are directing the 

 The people (that the US people as a whole) 
are entitled to the constitutional provision 
of a requirement for a grand jury. 

Justice was not served 

Kent Herrick 




My Prayer

"May my weapon be empty and the barrel white with heat and may the dead be piled deep and the campfires of my enemies be extinguished with the tears of their widows and children and may Vahalla welcome us as heroes."

K.M. Herrick

From: kent Herrick <kherrick@ktc.com>

Subject: Personal Note from the desk of the editor of the Herrickreport.com

Dear Readers and our "friends at the FBI, NSA, Secret Service, DHS, etc ."

I was walking through Budapest roughly 20 years ago with a retired East German Army Major. We were being followed by what turned out to be a not to good camera thief. After a few blocks I doubled around on the erstwhile thief and confronted him with a few chosen demonstrative words and he went sulking off. I caught up with the major and asked hadn't he noticed we were being followed.

" Sure but in the East everyone was being followed."

 He thought it was just a common everyday occurrence.

 And so now we are finally matching those glorious decades still found in Rodman's Heaven on Earth, North Korea.

  "It's for your own good; we must be vigilant against the enemies of the state; so we are watching everyone; you are not paranoid because we really are following you."

 Because we have a government that will stoop to any method, constitutional or otherwise, to "protect you"; they assume since they are doing it nefariously your actions must be equally odious.

 Because they are paranoid of your ability to "protect" yourself and by inference able to facilitate their departure from power,the government will use any means to erode your abilities.

 We can not allow to go without comment the violations of every Amendment to the Constitution. The Courts must exercise their role as a brake, to reverse, the usurpious grab for basic American Rights. The call to give up rights in the name of "protection" has been used by every dictatorial government since Caesar. We are capable of protecting ourselves and that's what scares government the most.

  (Justice Kagan "Whether a given category of speech enjoys First Amendment protection depends upon a categorical balancing of the value of the speech against its societal costs.")

 "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and         organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."



Romney was right ... the Democrats have bought the last two elections promising the "do little" electorate the paychecks of the workers of this nation. A rich man and a poor man have the same vote and castrating the hard working people and giving their wealth to others has purchased those elections. 

The electorate voted in socialism and has rejected hard work and justice. The next revolution will not be about race or sex or technology but a reaction to constant and persistent confiscation of the wealth of the working class by a government bent on keeping power.

And if you object .... you are a bigot, racist, homophobe, reactionary, terrorist, Tea Party Conservative Republican Nazi....  and being sent to the Wall is the only solution for your kind.

"How do we preserve the Union when one half wants what the other half has earned?) Kent M. Herrick


We ask again ... who should we bomb and Why ?

Helping Al-Qaeda defeat Assad so that they can attack Israel .... hmm ok so we hit the chemicals that Saddam sent to Syria to hide them from Bush and the UN. Ok a few cruise missiles  lobbed here and there might set a lot of sarin gas  loose on the population and create a greater calamity and oh by the way can we be sure to get them all so an errant missile doesn't sneak past the Iron Dome and land on a school in Jerusalem?? Kent M. Herrick




The world  is now watching the wholesale destruction of the Coptic Christians

In the 1930's it watched first the persecution and then the destruction of the European Jews

What have we learned?

Clinton protected Moslems in Bosnia but not Africans in Rwanda.

He had the Black Vote?

Obama wants to keep his allies in the Moslem world and in the USA regardless of their radicalism ... who cares then for a few more of those pesky Christians.

What have we learned?

"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

Dietrich Bonheoffer

Obama and the Enabling Act

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — U.S. border agents should continue to be allowed to search a traveler’s laptop, cellphone or other electronic device and keep copies of any data on them based on no more than a hunch, according to an internal Homeland Security Department study."

The Entire Story



Obama and the Law

We (Obama) make the law ...." that which we say we can do and you can not do"  .... Hitler had the Enabling Act of 1933 to  eliminate the Reichstag ...

Obama believes government has rights ..... only citizens have rights .... governments have powers  ... powers delegated to them by the Constitution all other powers are reserved to the states or to the people (10th Amendment) ....

the Enabling Act gave Hitler power to act whether it was "constitutional" or not .... Obama believes he received that power and his minions are like the Nazis ready to act in their behalf and not yours.

Kent Herrick

Master and Slave

" When you become a dependent of the Government then you become a slave to the master. The Government Master holds the power of life and death. You will vote for the master because he provides or refuses your freedom. You will vote for the master because if you don't he will withhold life itself. Bare your back and you will become the slave."

Kent M. Herrick

Democrats Attack !!

1. Food: Beef, Salt, Fat, Sugar ... FOOD NAZIS DEFINED "One who insists on dictating what others should call themselves based upon their diets. The food nazi usually is very insecure and desperately strives to belong to an "elite" group of people (usually vegeterian or vegan

2. Sports: Football, Hunting, Fishing

3. Religion: Anti-Christian, Anti-Semitic

4. Cars/Trucks: Unrealistic CAFE Standards/demand we drive "their cars"

5. Speech: "Daily facts are rewritten to alter the truth ... it is enough that the people know the new facts and the new history will become the truth." Kent M. Herrick

6: Guns: The List of Anti-Gun Organizations.

add your favorite

We Don't Need

We don't need more teachers; we need to give good teachers more tools like discipline and protection to create a good teaching environment.

We don't need more firemen .... we need fewer fires and safer sober drivers.

We don't need more policemen; we need fewer crooks and less crime. We need citizens wanting to obey good laws.

We don't need more government; we need fewer reasons to have government. Government is not the country; people are.

Kent M. Herrick

Also remember the heroes of Flight 93 ... no longer will we surrender to terror .... we will fight back; we will not allow ourselves to be cowed; terrorists take heed the Heroes of 93 have led the way; they didn't surrender and neither will we. Yes we mourn them; but thank God there are such people left in the USA. Kent M. Herrick


Believe it or not ....  it was your money first!  You found the job; you worked the hours; you got the promotion; you earned the raise; you paid the bills; you bought the farm, the machinery, lost a crop; raised a child, paid for the clothes; school and medical bills; built the church you worship in, played and prospered as free men and women and then just when the government decides to take a little less from your pocket some half wit politician says .... ed Herrickreport.com

Celebrate the American Revolution

The Idea that the government is inadequately funded .... that is that you and I don't pay them enough to continually mismanage our country is pure horse hockey! Kent Herrick

"Free Speech is the ability to say the objectionable without fear of consequence."

  "That is we regulate who lives and who dies..... and why would we let our political enemies live?"

 The Constitution needs no interpretation! Laws are to be measured against the words of the Constitution! Kent M. Herrick

"Daily facts are rewritten to alter the truth ... it is enough that the people know the new facts and the new history will become the truth." Kent M. Herrick

Our Cold War Warriors may not have received their share of the accolades but they did their share of the work. (ed)

Thanks! Pres. Bush and All

We are one of the few countries with "free speech" and that is a tenuous hold at best. We should not let countries that do not value that right set our limits to say the objectionable and stupid.

Kent M. Herrick

We the People! ... we are sovereign not the government and not the Obama Presidency. Sovereignty comes from God to the people ... We the people. Governments are instituted by men and women and we can CHANGE  the government ... but the government can not CHANGE us without our permission ... 

I do not give my permission.  Kent M. Herrick ed.

Gov't dude and I were just at the range .... dumb bastard with a .45 Single Action pointed it first at my friend and received a lesson and a dressing down politely ..... then after he shot 4-5-or 6  times of course dumb bastard didn't have a clue and didn't know .... he came back to the bench and was "trying to figure how to unload it ....pointing the pointy end at my belly button hole....... I was in no mood to educate and not to ^$&^$&&  civil when I told him to point that weapon down, down range, towards a berm, or up his ass .... but not a my KJHGY&I   belly hole.... I insulted his mother, father, children and future children .... told him if he didn't aim away and change his fucking attitude I would over react and draw and fire. ....
when we left he was standing with a loaded weapon in hand on the firing line while is equally retarded friend was putting up the target.... walked in front of him while he was ready to shoot .....  (apologies to retarded people.)

I walked off to the truck, packed and left .... hopefully the dumb sob shot himself and bled out.

kent herrick

The New Declaration of Independence

The First Amendment could become a casualty of the Arizona Tragedy.

"Free Speech is the ability to say the objectionable without fear of consequence." k.m.herrick

Beware that restricting free speech ... the right to criticize government ... was tested with the Sedition Acts and found unconstitutional ... even the idiot Left has the right to say stupid stuff ....their right confirms my right. K.M. Herrick

Good service is not rocket science

We like to eat out. We don’t like to cook; less mess. There are three requirements for any business to be successful. Product, Sales and Service.

In the restaurant business, Good Food, Good Service and Clean Plates and Utensils. It’s not rocket science. You don’t have to calculate the distance to the moon or the speed of light and dark. If you want to succeed in the food business, you need Good Food, Good Service and Clean Plates and Utensils.

Kerrville fails!

Let’s assume that you can hire a cook and make decent food, and hire good servers. Two out of three is great in football and fantastic in baseball, but it poor, poor, poor in food service.

Personal note: I ask others to open my silverware.

It’s always dirty. Last night, I won’t mention where, I got the dirty plate with someone else’s food attached and a dirty fork, not spotted, just coated in nasty leftovers. Folks, I love all of you, but I don’t want your leftover salad on my fork; my plate was nasty with grease and dried corn.

Food managers: Who are you hiring to roll silverware in the napkin? Who is washing the plates and servers? Who is inspecting it before it’s given to me!

This town has incredible potential for a good clean restaurant; we want good food, good service and clean equipment. If this is what you serve the public, what nastiness is going on in the privacy of your kitchens.

We deserve better. Or we will quit eating and start cooking at home!

Kent Herrick, Kerrville

August 11, 2010

Now is the Time to Stand and Shout!

When they come for you who will be left to speak up?

Israeli must holdout for mid-terms elections what will drive Obama to the Very Far Left or back to the Temporary Middle. Israel is for our most dependable ally. Obama insulted their leadership and hopes he can topple Netanyahu's Center Right government and get his Moslem allies a better deal ... but is that deal a death blow to Israel and a victory to Iran? Beware ... the Democrats will sell out Israel and American Jews seem not to care. Kent Herrick

Immigration: The cause of economic immigration is the pressure gradient between a high standard and low standard of living. With a porous border it is only natural, however illegal, that those from the lean countries would attempt to enter and live in one that is more prosperous. Only when the gradient equalizes, think the relationship of high pressure weather and low pressure systems ... winds occur at the greatest diversities of pressure and cease when it equalizes ... when the gradient equalizes will economic immigration cease. Kent M. Herrick editor.

IF a country like Mexico can not rise to the level of the USA then we can always decline to theirs. Be aware that this is exactly the path that has been chosen in Washington.
Kent M. Herrick editor.

 Clinton/Obama's Alinsky "A Marxist begins with hisprime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage -- the political paradise of communism."

A perfect description of Disciple Obama "An organizer working in and for an open society is in an ideological dilemma to begin with, he does not have a fixed truth -- truth to him is relative and changing; everything to him is relative and changing.... To the extent that he is free from the shackles of dogma, he can respond to the realities of the widely different situations...."

We are not the enemy; Terrorists are the enemy.


The time to watch the Hard Left is when you think you have them cornered.

The Revolutionary Leftists running the Democratic Party were dealt a defeat with the election of Senator Brown; but defeats do not mean victory for the Country. 

Leninists have always believed that the revolution was a process of two steps forward and occasionally one step back. Brown is a step back; watch for the new two steps forward and prepare for the next battle.  KMH

Why do Liberals Hate Palin? 

Good looking successful women that haven't had a face lift in Hollywood and they have surgically enhanced brainless bimbos. Without Bill ... Hillary was nothing but a non-cookie baking meglo-man hating shrill mouthpiece of the Radical Left. And with Bill ... hmm the same ... and Liberals are pissed that Palin is a Republican and without quotas has made a name for herself without a BC to help her. KMH

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, "

The Government nor the Constitution endows us with rights... we received them from the Creator; they cannot be taken from us; the Government is given powers by us not the other way around; it is from the Government that the Bill of Rights protects us. Exercise all of your Rights and thank and remember those that died to assure them to you.

Declaration of Independence   U. S. Constitution

Editorial .... "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights ...

The Constitution does not grant us these rights; we had them before the Constitution was written. These Rights were granted before Time; by the Creator. 

The Constitution was written to document those "Unalienable Rights". It is not for judges to interpret those Rights but to uphold them; to protect us from the usurpations of government power. 

This next election is decisive; as all elections are. We have four judges on the Supreme Court that do not recognize that our Rights are unalienable. The Second Amendment battle was just a scrimmage in a never ending struggle; "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, "   not the other way around! 

When you consider the candidates for all offices, think first, will they protect the Constitution or progressively weaken it. Will we freely give up our Rights or will we protect them. Kent Herrick

Finding oil is a band-aid..... ? This is a very large band aid..... plus we should be using nuclear; wind...except near Teddy Kennedy's house ... hydro ...unless it hurts the snail darter, alternative fuels ...except they drive up the price of food in every nation ...especially the really hungry ones.... natural gas!! ... opps that means drill now ... and yep ... bio-gas... natures methane ... Greenies already are screaming about animal rights now we want them to tube up to our cars. .... I believe in conservation; alternative methods, but not driving us back into the dark ages sitting around singing combyea.

The U.S. is sitting on the world's largest, untapped oil reserves -- reservoirs which energy experts know exist, .... In fact, such untapped reserves are estimated at about 2.3 trillion barrels, nearly three times more than the reserves held by Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) nations and sufficient to meet 300 years of demand -- at today's levels -- for auto, truck, aircraft, heating and industrial fuel, without importing a single barrel of oil.

Oil shales: Oil extracted from shale fields represents the mother lode of untapped reserves, at about 1.5 trillion barrels -- or 200 years worth of supply at current usage levels.

Tar sands: Around 75 billion barrels of oil could come from tar sands, similar to Canadian fields, which now churn out a million barrels a day. The sands are located predominantly in Utah, Alaska, Texas and California, as well as in Alabama and Kentucky on federal and state lands that, by laws and administrative orders, are closed to mineral and petroleum development.

The outer continental shelf (OCS): Something in the neighborhood of 90 billion barrels of oil sit beneath the ocean bed 50 to 100 miles off the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts. Presidential bans and congressional prohibitions have put the tracts off-limits to oil company exploration at least until 2012, although there's a chance that Congress may lift the moratorium before then.

The Bakken Play: With up to 100 billion barrels of oil, the reserves locked under rocks buried a mile or more beneath Montana and Saskatchewan, Canada, are more than twice the size of Alaskan's entire oil cache. 


Polls are statistics .... Mondale lead Reagan in Polls and lost 49 states.
Polls also ask the uninformed .... I myself know nothing about brain surgery and asking me in a poll about it would not ellicit an intelligent response. As a university tutor of Economics; History and Political Science ... many of the students graduating from some universities can not tell in what ocean Hawaii is surrounded by ... true.... therefore they may have the right to opinions on energy just not intelligent ones.

Drilling now tells the speculators we will not be blackmailed or forced; as some leading Democrats want ... into high prices for energy... which they then acclaim will restrict economic growth and retard capital expansion. We can be like Sweden and have really  high taxes then.

The government makes more on gasoline than the retailers, the wholesalers. Exxon is the last of majors to leave the retail business. no profit.

Trust the government to find, drill, extract, refine, deliver at an economically sensible price? .... No not likely.

Your Iraq analogy wrong .... but then rewriting history to suit a political purpose usually is ...wrong.

Our Iraq strategy was excellent .... predicting outcomes in war is useless. Of course in 1938 the appeasers had their way and we got WWII. None of the current crop can extrapolate what would have occurred had we left Saddam alone ... more mass graves? Because we didn't anticipate winning so fast and failing to kill enough of the enemy Mr. Bush should be faulted? Sorry I'm not an apologist; I am a realists; a strong free Iraq will provide a strengthening defense against Jimmy Carter's Mullahs in Iran ..... no more 9-11.

Kent Herrick
Visit the Herrickreport.com

If there are any topics that highlights the disparity between the candidates more ....

Energy and Terror.... and both can be inter related.

Drill Now! is now and necessary. Nuclear is now and necessary. They may not be catchy hip ideas .... but oil is the engine of democracy and nuclear can be cheap and safe and unlimited.

The Democrats are anti-oil; anti-wind "not in my neighborhood"; anti-nuclear; anti-coal; anti-gas; anti-anything that brings us cheaper energy at affordable prices. Their mantra is "failed policies". Yet since they took the Congress; their policies have double energy prices.

Terror.... the Democrats still have a 9-10 mentality .... we can talk to the beheaders; understand the users of children as walking bombs; debate the Hitler's of the world like they had a legitimate agenda .... if those terrorists hate Bush then the Left will support them.

Now mix oil and terror and we have Iran ... another great reason to drill USA.

You may not like Bush ... you may only like 60% of McCain ... but what is it about Obama that will put the oil in the engine of democracy; build a robust and expanding economy; and keep the sane world terror free?

Kent Herrick"

Is it possible .... that instead of evolving from monkeys .... we are evolving into monkeys?" KMH

"WE THE PEOPLE"  the three most important words in the history of man.  Kent Herrick

Political Correctness: on being able to think at all.

The more words we are forced to eliminate from our conscienceousness the fewer free thoughts we will be able to have and the more Liberal orthodoxy will become "thought-speak". That is you will be condemned for thought-crime just for thinking words that do not conform to the proper view. In fact 1984 as arrived. KMH

Orthodoxy means not thinking ---- not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness." 1984

I don't pretend to know what is right; nor do I profess perfection; but this I do know .... there are too many here that do not understand that freedom comes from with in not from the government. "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. " from our Declaration of Independence from our Mother Country. It is not the government that grants freedom it is already in us... we grant such power to government as necessary to provide for such common remedies to chaos. "We the People " 

Mr. Reagan is gone but not forgotten; there will never be another; it is what it is .... bitch all you want but John; Mike, Mitt and Fred have world's more experience as leaders and managers; do we really want  one and two term do-nothings from the Senate as leaders for the next four years. The American Presidency is not a place to learn to lead the free world .... you better know how and now well before January 20th. KMH-editor

On Cuba

Being the tutor of Economics ..... I would dispute the accuracy of the phrase ....Cuba, the "most communist in the world" since no country actually has any system that approaches that idea. What they have are
dictatorship of the oligarchy as Fidel and Raul are neither proletarian or poor. but unarguably the two richest people there and milking the Cuban economy for all they have. The allotment of one rationed chicken every six months makes the place look more like North
Korea except that probably neither of these two could sexually assault as many children as Kim......  Stalin was never a communist .... he was a deformed maniacal dwarf not unlike Hitler who was a nationalist
but never a socialist .Just another sick SOB. 

What Castro has really done in building hotels for European tourists is mimic Bautista and the mafia connection.. One Cuba for the rich and another for the people that clean the johns. He has turned a nation
of women into whores to acquire dollars. Nothing has  changed in Cuba except the uniforms.  KMH


"Since 9-11 almost everyone in America took a step up that continuum, away from denial. The sheep took a few steps toward accepting and appreciating their warriors, and the warriors started taking their job more seriously. The degree to which you move up that continuum, away from sheephood and denial, is the degree to which you and your loved ones will survive, physically and psychologically at your moment of truth."  excerpt from LTC (RET) Dave Grossman, Ph.D.,author of "On Killing : The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society" Link to additional remarks

(I don't agree that the sheep have accepted and appreciated their warriors; in reality the Left tolerated (and only in the short run) the War on Terror, and when it suited their purpose they reverted to their detestation of America's Mighty. The next election, as all elections, will bring out their disregard of the threats and those that stand up against them. KMH)


First, thanks for responding. Second, I see your point on the issues
you bring up in your email. Although I'm inclined to think that if
the issues are that there hasn't been enough action in Africa to
prevent civil war, genocide, and ruthless dictatorships; the mistrust
and dislike for politicians that speak from both sides of their mouth;
the defensiveness of political parties (in your case the Democratic
Party) to being wrong; that there is no party in this country that
really speaks to those values.

I tend to think that both parties in our country have a rather myopic
view of the American people and what their concerns are. Republicans
skew towards religion and family values while undermining that very
agenda at home and abroad, whereas Democrats talk a good game about
helping everyone suceed, but obviously have never read the giving
tree. I anxiously await the arrival of legitimate 3rd parties that
aren't shills for a single agenda . . .

Anyway, regards,


First the site was not created as a hate-anyone site. The truth is it
was created originally as a place to post the news and with a few
exceptions depending on what's happening, most of the posts are news items from all sorts of sources and very little of it is written by
me. Most of the news sources are main stream .... CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, AP, Reuters ..... etc. This is easily recognized by the quotation marks and hyper-markings of the stories. I do not alter the stories and leave it to the reader to go to the site and read the whole
account ... as they wish.

I rarely allow totally slanderous or salacious remarks. A cartoon of
Kerry as a Woody Allen character is not character assassination... he
dressed in the suit not me. Notice I don't justify my dislike for his
policies, at least those that he has taken a firm stand on; to make
personal attacks on his character or intentions. I have no clue what
he did in Viet-Nam .... but he does ... and he said he committed
atrocities not me. "Yes, I committed the same kinds of atrocities as
thousands of other soldiers have committed," The atrocities he said
he committed; his contact with the North Vietnamese while still in the
Naval Reserve ... his site; his words; not mine.

Which stories spews hatred? When you speak about a Democrat's policies ....it becomes hate speak; if they mis-speak and you challenge them ...it's hate speak; if you catch them in a mis statement or lie it's an attack ad;

( I never had sex with that woman ....BC.) 

( or when Kerry said ...''For those of us who are fortunate to share
an Irish ancestry, we take great pride in the contributions that
Irish-Americans …"

—Senate floor statement by John Kerry, March 18, 1986, as quoted in Frank Phillips' and Brian C. Mooney's "1986 Statement Counters Kerry's Stand on Heritage," in the March 6 Boston Globe.

"As some of you may know, I am part-English and part-Irish. And when my Kerry ancestors first came over to Massachusetts from the old country to find work in the New World, it was my English ancestors who refused to hire them."

Why not say I was born of Czech and French ancestry (or whatever) both Christian and Jewish heritage and be proud of it.....

If I have failed at this site it for not writing more of my own stuff
and being lazy at posting too many news stories... I have forgotten
why I started.... Chinese slave children making fireworks, dying in
school fires; AIds in Africa not talk but real; rejoicing in a
billion freed people.... USSR; EASTERN EUROPE; AFGHAN IRAQ, and how
many more....

while millions died in RWANDA in the 90's the Democratic PArty and the Clinton Government chose to ignore Blacks dying; for what to save a small country that Nato or the UN could have saved in Kosovo. Yet they ignored the blacks and they died in millions. Apathy,  ignorance, we can save whites but not browns and blacks.

Sorry I don't hate Kerry or Edwards.... maybe they'd be nice fishing
buddies if they bring the beer but as government leaders.... nope no

Thanks for visiting the Herrickreport.com I have posted many liberal
stories on the Voices/Forum .... I have posted enviro; slavery;
pollution; anti-seal canadian; wine; Free Venezuela, etc etc...I've
poked some fun.had some fun too.. better and nicer than the hatred,
nasty obscene crap that pours from the Dems every hour on ever
station. Keep in touch ....send stuff ... if it fits the day and
time it will be posted...... I don't take my self to serious


Brock Wrote:

Dear Sir,

Why do you hate John Kerry so much? All I see on your site is
seething anger directed at him, but no real articulation of that anger
(other than the obligatory anti-liberal clap-trap -- of the same
stripe that liberals engage in when discussing Bush).

My interest lies in that many people seem to dislike him (the other
swift-boat veterans, Republicans in general, etc.) but I have yet to
see anything particularly compelling in terms of argument as to why. 
I mean, the swift boat veterans have an axe to grind because he used
their image without their permission -- that makes sense: being used
by anyone for any reason can cause quite a visceral reaction. Vietnam vets in general have a legitimate gripe because he casually referred to all vets as war criminals (himself included). Of course, having examined those instances specifically, it seems that his point was more rhetorical in nature -- but I wasn't there, so I can't be sure. 
Regardless, Vietnam was the dividing point for many/most in this
nation and I too might be angered if someone I trusted did something
that I felt violated my trust.

Nevertheless, it still doesn't explain why you in particular have such
harsh words for the man: Is it all because of his anti-war agenda
after Vietnam? Is it that he wanted to be president at a young age? 
Is it that he has a "liberal voting record"? Is it because he's
running against GWB? Is it because he "waffles" according to the GOP and "contemplates" according to the DNC? And if any of those are the case, how exactly do they translate into what I've seen on your site (unmitigated anger)?

I'm sorry, but I really do want to know, because I always feel like if
someone hates someone so much (or loves someone, for that matter),
it's probably good for me to find out why.


U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people

Personally I think this is great news! An armed law abiding citizen is the best deterrent to any criminal armed or otherwise. On 9-11-2001 one Armed American Citizen on each plane .... ONE citizen would have changed the course of history. Today those armed citizens would have saved thousands; we would not live in fear of the next attack as each plane; each train, truck, taxi ... car ... would contain Armed American Citizens. For terrorism to succeed ... there must be terror and fear. The Armed American Citizen fears nothing. 

It is terrorists and criminals who need to fear us.  Kent Herrick, Editor

President Bush suffers his critics but I hope in two years he goes on the lecture tour and takes these second rate, no account, back stabbing bastards to the woodshed and pounds the crap out of them!

Kent Herrick, Texas / 4:07am 16 May 2007  On Piracy

Of course arming ships in those oceans would be a provocative act and cause these poor misguided victims of American Imperialism to respond with more weapons. Sea captains should like all the sheep of the world submit to slaughter and mayhem. And failing to show their supline and apologetic demeanor .... just blame Bush.  Link

I'm still amazed; "we shouldn't atagonize these pirates; then they will go off an hunt weaker prey."
Please stop this drivel! It's the same argument that an unarmed peerson is safer from retaliation than an armed person. If the pirates or land based criminals want to steal from honest people and you feel safer unarmed ... than please wear a sign so they will attack you .... because I plan to shoot back even if it really really makes them mad. kh

On Knives and guns on the Scotsman .... 

Kent Herrick, Kerrville, Texas USA / 6:18am 13 Mar 2007

First I wear legally a knife everyday, often two and always with a Swiss Army in my pocket. I use those knives daily. I have never been convicted of any crime; I do not resemble vermin of any flavor; I can legally carry a handgun; am trained; and can protect myself. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone. I harass no one and they best not harass me. Prison are for criminals who commit crimes not honest folks about their legal business.

 to Kent Herrick

To me you would be a scary person to meet in my local pub or supermarket Kent!

To each their own I suppose but you would be arrested in Scotland. America is a different kettle of fish from here. Can I ask why you travel through day to day life armed to the teeth?

To Kent 

#12, Kent you sound like you are armed to the teeth. I carry a knife for utility purposes and have a carry permit for a gun that I Carry when I travel, but not at home. I guess Texas can be a dangerous place. I spend winters in Brownsville and summers at home in Wisc, just can't handle the cold winters anymore.
I think asking people to hand in their knives is ridiculous, as always the criminals will keep theirs and the poor guy on the street will have nothing.


Reading Public

I carry because as a law abiding citizen we are all members of law enforcement. Police come and make reports; it is up to each citizen to protect himself and his family. I am not the least paranoid; nor am I a danger, as I read above, in bars where it is illegal to carry guns; I have only been robbed ... in Denmark ... and a weapon in the hands of a trained person is the best deterrent to thugs, mashers, and street vermin. They see my visible knife on my belt and they don't bother me. It does bother others but that is their hang up not mine. We have crime here; but the criminals pick on the weak and unprotected. On 9-11-2001 ONE person on each airplane armed would have changed history. The unarmed are unprotected; or just buy a 24 hour body guard. Kent Herrick


Hunter Great answer and to the rest ... We are free man going about our business. I wear a knife horizonitally every where except in the Airport and at the Veterans Hospital where I volunteer. I wear a Leatherman and use it daily. I often wear a concealed hand gun.

In this short page we (I) are referred to as criminals, vermin, idiots, and worse. And I have committed no act of violence; threat or intimidation. Just because I own and carry a knife and a gun ...legally I should be jailed in the UK. It is sad to see that as you remove your right of self protection your predictaments will increase; you will experience more crime, and more violence. While in states and cities where the armed citizen is encouraged rates of violence is dropping dramatically.

Here liberals try to reason with criminals; in Texas we jail them or shoot them .... their call.  K Herrick


Major Terry 148, I've lived in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and France and always felt perfectly safe walking out my front door without a knife or gun or bazooka or anything else. I've been a few times to America too and, in the main, felt perfectly safe there too, though now that I know there are armed nutters like you, Kent, Byron, Laughing american and apparently The Devil Himself around I don't fancy going back any time soon.

Kent Herrick

The right to self protection is obvious, however many people do not have the self control or discipline to carry weapons. In regard to Guns, military only, would not trust even police.

The States record on firearms offensives is shocking but not unique, South Africa is worse. You seem a decent man but if you fired your gun and a ricoshaded killed a child, what would you feel like then.

Well I must trot off to my fitness center so I can wield my knives accurately. If you must refer to me in a perjorative sense then kindly not as "Nutter" since I am a testicular cancer survivor and less one Nut. Why you "mob" insists on name calling is beside me and if you folks who fear us come this way I will personally avoid defending you in every way possible. And yes I am responsible for every round I fire so I practice a lot so I can hit the felon smack in the heart. KHerrick


Glad I don't live in the good old US of A with all these would be Rambo's wandering around with their concealed guns etc. Hope they are all Magnums boys, would'nt want your victim to survive would we?

bravo Fifer .... Sorry about your daughter. I teach the ladies to stick a finger in both eyes and drive them in to the knuckle ... if you have a knife then drive it a bit further. Live Free and Brave. KHerrick


Pointy Sticks What a criminal you are! Pointy Sticks in the hands of honest folks. Honest folks should just lie back and take a good beating; take it like a man until the police arrive, well if they arrive in time then you will be freed of guilt that might drift your way for wanting to bash the offender with a soft gym shoe.

Ban all pointy objects, pens, pencils, scissors, pipe cleaners, knitting needles except in trained hands, rocks, bowling bowls and war clubs. Back to caves! KHerrick


Which Glock? I carry the GLock 22/ .40 in a leather vest holster or a hand made leather behind the hip concealable. So far today I have gone on zero rampages; killed no police or other assorted objects, started no wars, laid waste to the country side with rape and pillage nor have I committed other unsavory violent acts. I also stop at red lights and stop signs.  KHerrick

Dear Mr. Cheney;

I doubt in these days you hear it often enough, but thank you.

The American People whether they know it or not and whether you are told enough have rarely had a better vice-president. As a very amateur historian I can't remember another VP who having stated that his ambitions did not include the White House, has been more steadfast in his loyalty to our President; loyal to his principles; and loyal to the Reagan Revolution.

Salute!! As a wounded veteran told me at the VA where I volunteer... "THANKS" .... but I said "I wasn't able to serve; I was physically unfit" and he replied ... "I didn't need you then ... I need you today."

Your today .... has been the eight years of this administration and your service has been exemplary.

Kent M. Herrick 

Do Democrats Live in a Vacuum?

They vote to surrender in Iraq; Iran takes hostages. Iranians see a power vaccuum in Iraq, all of the Middle East, if the Democrats can force the U.S. out. Ahmadinejad now can twist our staunch ally the Brits, who have almost no offensive power in the region and would have to rely on the American Navy for support and guess what? The Democrats are willing to deny that help by surrendering. 

The American Democrat Party is the last great hope for the insurgents to win, not on the battlefields but in the Halls of Congress. Iran also sees the weakness and wants evict the British from the Persian Gulf and it's politics by lowering their prestige in the region. Nothing happens in a vaccuum. 

Solution ... send a B-2 full of flares over Teheran and light up the sky one time in warning ..... then light up the sky for a fact.

It is a Sad Commentary

It is a sad commentary on the nature of Democrat Party Politics when that party prays for an American/Iraqi Defeat .... they know if there is a stable, freely elected government in Iraq that it lessens their chances for an election victory in 2006 and 2008. They are willing to see Americans and Iraqis die in greater numbers for their own political self interest and encourage our enemies to continue a war that they can not win UNLESS THE DEMOCRATS ARE ELECTED TO POWER. 

Is this the limits of Democrat Patriotism. .... the more American DEAD;  then the greater chances of their election and the sooner they can withdraw from the world and leave the battlefield to our enemies.

Editor..... Herrickreport.com

Political Realism

On Should Ron Paul be backed by conservatives. .... as a realist he needs seasoning ...so running ...and losing to a more seasoned Republican will help him.

Conservatives better understand that there is no ... no Ronald Reagan out there this four years. If Ron Paul is the reincarnation then he'll have to do like 1976 and get name recognition and face time.... but Conservatives better realize that they can not get 100% this election from any candidate that can win and winning is the key.

They can bitch all they want about how Bush is not Reagan and how Bush is not a real conservative and they may be right; but can you imagine what the last 7 years with Gore as President would have meant.

Let's pull up our big boy panties and support winners.

Or we can have 8 years of Hillary .... but then we'll be allowed to bitch but not govern.

K. Herrick

WE ARE BACK .... Just in time too!!!

The People can be polled; the Senate can vote, the papers can pander; the cable can carp, the heads can yak .... but in the end Bush did not start world terrorism; he does not control world oil; he did not personally fly a plane into the Pentagon (jumping out really fast at the last second); blow up the dikes in New Orleans causing damage to only black houses while sparing whites; cause global warming and secretly kill every whale in ocean allowing the Japanese and Norwegians to have whale oil  complexions and blubber steaks....  HE HAS.... lowered taxes, killed terrorists; captured and killed a mad dictator and his murdering sons; put Iraq on whatever road they want to try; liberated Afghanistan, protected Israel, built a better armed forces, a better economy and better quality of life in the last 6 years.....  and did it with damn little support from his enemies and now even less from some of his so called allies and friends..... he should toss the middle finger to all of those that are short sighted and dim witted.... BUT no that's not our President but it is what his enemies do.... ok maybe Bush should resign ... PREZ  CHENEY!! ok by me too.... and then Rice for VP and then Rice for President hmmmm....  But the President has brains and class.... and we like that in our leaders.

'Lo, there do I see my father. 'Lo, there do I see...
My mother, and my sisters, and my brothers.
'Lo, there do I see...
 The line of my people...
Back to the beginning.
'Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them.
In the halls of Valhalla...
Where the brave...
 May live...

13th Warrior

Wars are won by killing your enemies. The Losers want ceasefires. Israel can do the world a favor and achieve victory. Hurry before the useless UN can steal it from you. Posted on Israeli Site

On Crooked Plumbers.... a letter to the editor of the Kerrville Daily Times

I hate thieves. And there is one amongst us. An elderly and nearly blind veteran related to me that he had a very small job done on his house. One 8 foot PVC pipe and one 10 foot PVC pipe were laid along the inside floor with a few couplers and some cement. The home owner called a plumber; without giving an estimate the plunderer worked on the pipes less than an hour and given where the home is driving time out and back would be another hour. Two Hours Max. The charge was $800.00 and to be paid in cash. 

The elderly and nearly blind vet paid. 

I will find out who this person is and will ask the prosecutor to file charges. I doubt in this county that he will escape a guilty verdict of out right theft or elderly abuse.

I suggest he return the sum of $600.00 to the homeowner and thank his lucky star he didn't try and pull this on able bodied folks. Possibly the IRS will be interested in checking to see if he records cash transactions.

Shame on people who steal and especially from our most vunerable.

Kent Herrick Feb 2006  (Results of this investigation are on going)


Our own votes of 1787 -1788 and the inauguration of 1789 were won by the sword, the gun and French Navy. Freedom is not free; and around the campfires of Afghanistan they will always remember the Heroes from the Coalition of Nations lead by the USA who aided their cause for Freedom, equality, education and security. 

Freedom is not free and the graves of our soldiers and sailors prove it.   Kent Herrick, ed.

"Have you ever noticed that the only "Right" that the Democrats are willing to protect is the "Right" to Kill Babies...... Strange that a whole political philosophy is based on this one so called fundamental "Right". "


What and Who? ..... were those groups that destroyed the spirit of the American Military; caused premature early withdraw from a winnable war; and bolstered the sagging enemy fortunes and morale, giving both aid and support .... it was the American Left led by Senators Byrd, Kennedy, the Press of ABC, CBS, BBC, NBC and the same aging movie "stars" and new devotees of the culturally brilliant West Coast. 

Jump forward forty years. The Enemy in Iraq and others locations around the world are now applying the pressure, murdering civilians, blowing up churches and schools in an attempt to stop a democratic election and who rises to their assistance but the same people. The North Vietnamese admitted it was the American Left that encouraged them to fight on and fight on until the American Left could convince a wavering Congress to stop the war;  and now a new generation of international terrorists are relying on these same morally reprehensible "national leaders" to save their gangs of murderers from their just punishment at the hands of the US Government and our Allies. (Lt. Kerry now Sen. Kerry)

Why do they shrilly demand that every vote be counted here but that even voting in Iraq is an exercise in American Imperialism.... " Just three days before the Iraqi people go to the polls to elect a new government, the Massachusetts Democrat said America must give Iraq back to its people rather than continue an occupation that parallels the failed politics of the Vietnam war." 

Kennedy .... "...more violence if we continue our present dangerous and destabilizing course." ....WE ARE THE CAUSE OF THE VIOLENCE??!!!

"Kennedy's partisan political attack stands in stark contrast to President Bush's vision of spreading freedom around the world." Republican National Committee

TEXT OF THE BUSH  SPEECH    read the speech and then ask .... what is wrong with that vision that spreads freedom and democracy throughout the world... that demands that violence against the innocents be stopped and that people act in a civilized manner.....

Letter to WBAY..... TV Refusing to run the Swift Boat Ads....


On your web page of August 8, 2004 .... at 10:00 AM .... under "Political News" you have selected 1 story on President Bush and 5 on Sen. Kerry. 50% of the space to Mr. Kerry ..... 10% to Mr. Bush . Is this you normal tilt or can we expect worse. I notice you will run stories about "F 9-11" a really fair and balanced piece of fiction but removed a paid ad for the Swift Boat Vets. Obvious to me again is that there are two kinds of vets. Those that your station supports and then all the other liars and malcontents.

Kent Herrick

("the right to free speech does not include a requirement to be heard" ed)

Kent M. Herrick, kherrick@ktc.com

Those Nasty Neckties........

As one of the early pioneers for a casual work environment recent medical research has confirmed that the gentleman's tie is not only archaic but dangerous.

When I hired on at Ford Motor Credit three things were mandatory, business attire including jacket and tie; shoes, and the removal of facial hair. Ford Credit Insurance Operation personnel lead the fight to remove these constrictitures. Texans broke the "wing tip" barrier with more fashionable and seriously more expensive western boots. Facial hair returned when bosses showed up with mustaches and beards. But the ubitiquious tie that was another matter.

Again Texans and Arkansans lead the way. We were able to clearly and concisely show that jackets interfered with business. People in the South distrusted business men who wear jackets and ties. The Company began to relent. Little did they know that they were at the fore-front of true medical breakthrough. ................ 

Study finds neckties can spread germs .... in a hospital study of neckties....

".... ties were found to harbor disease-causing bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae."


Although this study applied to doctors the http://Herrickreport.com believes that in the interest of all Americans that the serious medical problem should be dealt with swiftly and that Neckties should be outlawed as a serious and dangerous national health risk.

And that Necktie Companies be required to pay huge and exorbitant sums of money to all men in compensation for years of possible illness caused by
their product.

Kent Herrick
Copyright, 2004


Need a job?  Written to the Kerrville Daily Times Kerrville Texas 2003  

Run for Constable in Kerr County.  First run for election, don't spend too much on yard signs; get elected;  next buy a reliable car because you'll need it. Next buy a gun, ammo and a bullet resistant, no folks they aren't "bullet-proof" vests.   That vehicle  ...   pay for it yourself; pay for all the repairs; pay for the insurance, oil changes and car washes yourself. Use it about 15,000 miles a year and at the rate of reimbursement in this county you should receive $5500.00 in car allowance. Right! 

Well you'd be right in some counties; not Kerr. You'd be right if you said  " but Constables drive county owned cars in Bandera, Kendall and Gillespie Counties."  Not in Kerr. 

Here's what we ask of our Constables after their election and if they are not already a commissioned peace officer;  .... they have to become one! 

  "Constables and Deputy Constables are classified as peace officers by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, and only after meeting specified qualifications, equivalent to those of all other peace officers in the state of Texas, are constables licensed by Texas Commission on Law ."  

That means they have 270 days to complete the 576 hours of Basic Police Officer (Commissioned)  Course. Hey are we paying the $1,000.00 tuition  .... Nope. We make Constables pay for that too! That's 72 trips back and forth to San Antonio in those personal vehicles.  

Now what do we ask them to do. 

 Execute Civil Process.  The duty of the Constable is execute and make a return to their respective courts of civil process documents.       

 To act as Bailiff in the Court. To keep peace and order and act at the direction of the court,

    AND! ".... to keep the peace, the constable in Texas may perform patrol, enforce traffic regulations, undertake investigations, arrest law breakers, carry out executions of judgment, ...  He may seize, impound, and sell real and personal property as directed by law. " 

Full Fledged Officers, treated as second class law enforcement.  They do get those fat allowances from county coffers don't they?!! You bet!  Constables receive a total yearly budget of $1200.00  That's a year!  All their phone costs; forty bucks for stamps; and the same for office supplies;  hmm not much to write about I guess. Everything.  Oh and if you see a constable on a cell phone .... that's his; he pays for it. No allowance. And in that $1200.00 is that personal vehicle.    

THIS county allows the Constables between 500-600 Dollars, depending on the way they budget for that $5,500.00  expense....  (Opps I forgot depreciation on the vehicle too - how much less is it worth after running through the cedar brush chasing dopers, drunks and derelicts not to mention what that personal vehicle smells like after the drunk pukes in your back seat! ) 

  They are ALLOWED the equivalent of one month's operating costs. One Month out of one year. Folks that means they pay for your law enforcement from the whooping $29,492.00 a year we pay them. 

How can we in Kerr County benefit from county owned cars. First, we get four already trained commissioned peace officers in high visibility units in all neighborhoods doing their aforementioned jobs. Just a marked unit moving through areas where they were unrecognized previously can bring additional law enforcement and peace of mind to our rural elderly. While constables are going about their civil duties they can more effectively enforce the traffic laws that are repetitively violated.  

(Big Thanks to City for their stepped up enforcement!!!)  

OK now the Solution ..... Nicely Contact your Precinct Commissioner. Explain to them you want effective law enforcement; that Constables deserve the tools to their jobs; and one of those tools is a marked patrol unit with up-to-date equipment. 

Let's pay for our law enforcement not ask the constables to do it for us. 

Kent Herrick

Kerrville. Texas (257-0157 OR 377 2310)




Letter to MP PARRISH of Canada:
Reference " "Damn Americans ... I hate those bastards."

MP Parrish

It is common, very common, of you to refer to us in such familiar tones. My wife and my adopted daughter are both bastards. But I hardly believe that you are entitled even by your lofty position as a parliamentarian to in such casual conversation lump all Americans into a position held in highest esteem, especially in this household.

Please refrain from this breach of manners and in future keep a civil tongue in your head.

Kent Herrick
Kerrville Texas

ps Stay at Home ..... you're not welcome in Texas

A letter to the Atlanta Journal and Consitution
Members of two Auburn University fraternities dressed up in Ku Klux Klan robes and blackface during a Halloween party. Some might say this was nothing more than a college prank. Others might say the incident reflects a serious failure of Auburn's core curriculum. What is your reaction?

Dear Editor

How can you expect to teach tolerance without teaching morals. Morals have foundations not in constitutions but in religion. Respectfully, you must allow the teaching of religion, morals and thus tolerance follows.

I thought campi of high learning were bastions of free thinking and tolerance. Seems free speech cuts both ways and thus even though they might be incorrect politically and lacking in good sense they still should have the right of free expression as preached by universities for years.
Do I detect intolerance of tolerance.


Facts are that our Brasilian son, his beautiful wife and our Extra-super-cute grand-daughter were about to board Delta Flight 744 San Antonio to Atlanta. They had been here for a great visit and were returning to Orlando to complete their vacation before returning to Sao Paulo and then to Recife Brasil. All except the internal Brasilian flights on Delta Airlines.

I approached the counter and as people were already boarding asked if it was okay for them to go on. I received with zero politeness the very official, " only those needing assistance or a little extra time may board early."  They would like the extra time, please, "  "Small Baby and stroller." I remarked.

"Wait, only taking First Class." "Oh Okay, no problem". We waited patiently and then they called on the speaker for the elderly and parents with small children. The passengers were to then take "Lunch" from the deli wagon as they entered the plane. As the couple's English is limited I inquired if they could have three lunches, one for the baby,  "NO! Only two; Two tickets only". The baby had no ticket and therefore would get no lunch. Or at least no lunch from Delta. The agent has sufficiently saved the corporation the price of one lunch and successfully p#ssed off everyone who heard him deny a 20 month old a cold sandwich, chips, and a cookie.

"Planned Parenthood" Equating Infanticide with Family Planning is like Equating Global Nuclear War with Urban Renewal ed.

Mow the Lawn!

Carolyn and I have moved from the burbs of the Suburb city of Cabot to an ungated community in Kerrville, Texas. I mowed my lawn, er ... weeds and vines when I could get the get the kid next door to come over. That means that after my lawn mower disappeared, (thank God ... it was "stolen"),I didn't mow; I just couldn't do it myself now could I?

So now I moved to an area where Lawn care is a Religion! These people MOW! They fertilize, that's not just peeing on the grass after dark, it's real 13-13-13! Then they spend hundreds of dollars a month to water it. They hire lawn services. They buy LAWN MOWERS. Hell I have deer, what do I need a Lawn Mower for?

So I borrowed a self propelled used mower. I mowed the weeds and wild grasses and leaves.

Now my question is...do they expect that I'm going to do this mowing thing ..... ONCE EVERY YEAR!

Real Men

It's the women with a real-hair wig, dye jobs to cover the dye job, false eyelashes, eye shadow, rouge, hazelnut and avocado face crème, wrinkle remover, capped teeth, nose surgery, chin tightening therapy, liposuction, breast enhancing cosmetic alterations (Boob Job), tummy tucks, false nails, shoulder pads, hair peels, girdles, high heeled shoes, bunion pads, corn removers, toe nail polish and false finger nails and pierced ears.

that rail and moan about the "fact" that there are so few real men left in the world.

Kent Herrick

I was born here and now you know the reason why? In Riverside, California, it is illegal to kiss unless both parties have first wiped their lips with carbolized rose water. < 

"In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."

President Thomas Jefferson

Real men don't eat quichee or spell it either.... we eat ham,with onions and peppers mixed with eggs and baked in the oven, not that quichee stuff.

Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2012


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