North Korea: The Criminal State

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North Korea Starves but Great Leader Soldiers On!!

Love Great Leader!! "While imports of corn, rice and other foodstuffs stood at a mere four per cent of imports, or US$46 million (S$55.6 million), North Korea spent US$10 million bringing in foreign cigarettes and liquor via China, the report showed. The North spent about US$7.5 million to buy cigarettes including Marlboro and Mild Seven, up 117 per cent from last year and imported US$2.4 million worth of Hennessy Cognac, whiskey and Japanese beer, up 94 per cent, it said. Some US$550,000 worth of class A beef was also brought in apparently for luxury gatherings and power elite households." The Rest of the Story

North Korea Dying

NEWS ALERT: "I am eight," says one boy. "My father died and my mother left me. I sleep outdoors." Link the Audio

The Army is Hungry

"It used to put the military first, but now it can't even supply food to its soldiers. Rice is being sold in markets but they are starving.." Link

North Korea .... Audio

North Korea: We live like dogs:

"We don't ask to wear good clothes, to dance or play. We only want full stomachs. But every day we wake up and our first thought is 'How are we going to get some food for breakfast?' Then 'How are we going to get something for dinner?'," she says.

"Living like that makes people go crazy. Just brush against someone in the street and they will start fighting you. In their hearts everyone knows we live like dogs. But no-one can say it out loud." Link


North Korea is more than a Rogue State; it's a Criminal Enterprise


"North Korea is the only government in the world today that can be identified as being actively involved in directing crime as a central part of its national economic strategy and foreign policy. As a result, Pyongyang is radically - and perhaps even hopelessly - out of synch with international law and international norms. In essence, North Korea has become a "soprano state" - a government guided by a Worker's Party leadership whose actions, attitudes, and affiliations increasingly resemble those of an organized crime family more than a normal nation. " David L. Asher the rest of the story

The Soprano's with a Whole Nation

Heroin Production for world sale ... on land that would feed the people .... "nope the World will send us food" 

"... produce drugs!!"

"Criminal sovereignty means that rather than the Weberian notion of the state maintaining the monopoly on the legitimate use of force, the state, in the case of North Korea, maintains the monopoly on the conduct of illicit activities." Link to SSI Paper

North Korean Office #39 ...

"The crimes organized by Office #39 are committed beyond the borders of North Korea by the regime itself, not solely for the personal enrichment of the leadership, but to prop up its armed forces and to fund its military programs." 

North Korea directs its national instruments of power to commit crimes in other states. The proceeds of these activities are then used in a number of ways to sustain North Korea's existence and to enable other policies." North Korean Office #39 ....

TG-839  Executive Order Targeting Proliferation and Other Illicit Activities Related to North Korea 

Narcotics trafficking:   

"Office 39 produced methamphetamine in Sangwon, South Pyongan Province and was also involved in the distribution of methamphetamine to small-scale North Korean smugglers for distribution through China and South Korea. Office 39 also operates poppy farms in North Hamkyo'ng Province and North Pyongan Province and produces opium and heroin in Hamhu'ng and Nachin. " TG-839  

"A Revolution without firing squads is meaningless." Lenin


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