TSA!! This is a Passenger's Bill of Rights!

1. The Right to Protect Ourselves.

Let us carry our guns on planes! On 9-11 had there been a few Texicans with weapons ... 9-11 would be celebrated instead of mourned.

2. The Right to Fly without delay from the TSA (see 1 we will protect ourselves.)

3. The Right to be free from illegal search and seizure... what is mine is mine and not the TSA's; passengers should be free from confiscation of possessions. (see 1)

4. Our personal right not to be groped by ill trained, over-zealous and in some cases perverts and thieves. (See 1) Our children should not be touched.

and finally the demise of the TSA and a huge savings in money, time and inconvenience.

The airlines will be happier, on time, and cheaper to operate ..... people will be polite and courteous at all times!!

" Coffee, tea .... dumdums; hollow-points or silver tips ...??


Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2012


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