Upon the sands, I walked sadly about
Once men fought here, I hear them shout

All their courage muscle and might
Crawled beneath the fire's flight

Buddies one and all, seen tumble and fall
Screams and cries from everywhere they call

No time to stop
No time to look
It's stay low and book

The mission made clear
From those back in the rear

Do your job
Do your best
Then maybe we will rest

The enemy dug in so deep
There is no time to sleep

He knows I come fast and furious
So no need to be so curious

 At last we meet
 No time to stare
I intend, to part his hair

Young and handsome was he
Almost looked like me

In that moments dare
And not till later I can declare

The enemy is still and face down
Now it's off to another in a bound

Over and over I went
Till all my ammo spent

"Fix the bayonet and charge on through"
Sergeant  yells, "straight to the enemy that's who"

Day is done and all is well
I turn back and look at hell

On a knee I thank God for his grace
For getting me through one hell of a place

  Freddy Swan
June 2007


Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2007 


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