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International Trafficking:

Human trafficking affects every country around the world, regardless of socio-economic status, history, or political structure. Human traffickers have created an international market for the trade in human beings based on high profits and demand for commercial sex and cheap labor. Trafficking is estimated to be $32 billion industry, affecting 161 countries worldwide." Link


Child slavery in India - in pictures

Up to 200,000 children a year fall into the hands of slave traders in India, many sold by their poverty-stricken parents for as little as 11


"African women and young girls are regularly sold into sexual slavery all over Europe, especially in Italy. These women and young girls are made to sacrifice their dignity, psychological, mental and physical health, while slaving away to repay the pimps who ferried them to Europe, under the guise, that they were taking these naive and helpless African females to Europe for a better life. Many of these women and girls do not even make it to Europe."

“Women are secretly sold in China.”

Kim Sang-hun, director of the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights, estimates 20,000 to 30,000 North Korean women are now entrapped in China in what many observers see as a form of slavery. "Most of the women," he says, "are forced into sexual slavery." Link


UNICEF places 16 percent of children between the ages of 5-14 years old in developing countries are engaged in forms of child labor, and in the least developed countries the number almost doubles to 29 percent overall, while Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of child labor at 33 percent" Link


  • The International Labour Organization estimates there are 215 million child labourers aged between five and 17 year old (ILO, 2010)

  • Since the late 1970s, 163 million female babies have been aborted by parents seeking sons has reported the world wide loss of baby girls ... NOW!

    "In nature, 105 boys are born for every 100 girls. This ratio is biologically ironclad. Between 104 and 106 is the normal range, and that's as far as the natural window goes. Any other number is the result of unnatural events.

    Yet today in India there are 112 boys born for every 100 girls. In China, the number is 121—though plenty of Chinese towns are over the 150 mark. China's and India's populations are mammoth enough that their outlying sex ratios have skewed the global average to a biologically impossible 107. But the imbalance is not only in Asia. Azerbaijan stands at 115, Georgia at 118 and Armenia at 120. " LINK

    North Korea Begs for Food From the Poor

    North Korea is pleading for food aid even from some of the world's poorest nations such as Zimbabwe, a report has said, amid suspicion the aid may be used to boost the regime's political standing.

    "Now they are begging for food even from the world's poorest countries in Africa such as Zimbabwe where annual per-capita income is only around 200 dollars," LInk



    African Slavery Continues!

    "The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) estimates that global human trafficking is worth between $7-billion and $12-billion annually, making it the third most profitable criminal activity after trade in narcotics and arms.

    And South Africa is by no means exempt. South Africa is commonly regarded as the primary destination for persons trafficked in the Southern African region." Link

    "No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms."

    African Slavery did not end in 1865 .... Africans on Africans!

    "For generations, Ghana and other West African nations have served as a hub for child trafficking and slavery. An estimated 200,000 children in West and Central Africa perform unpaid labor, according to various sources. They are given minimal food and clothing, deprived of schooling and medical care and often subjected to physical abuse.

    "Thousands of Ghanaian children are in unpaid servitude, having been sold for $30 to $50, .................... Link

    One way we are undersold....


    There are more children under the age of fourteen in India than the entire population of the United States. (Child Labor and the apparel industry)

    10 year old slaves .... Link

    Strict ethical Standards .... that's slavespeak for "we will only get upset with the company that employs child labor to make our products if they are stupid enough to get caught!" Link   

     "There is no tolerance for forced child labor in the Wal-Mart supply chain," said Rajan Kamalanathan, Wal-Mart's vice president of ethical standards.    Wal-Mart Site

    CHINA " ornaments produced at the Guanzhou Huanya factory in Guangdong are made using child labor, without safety gear, by workers who work seven days a week and 10–15 hours per day, 92 percent of them for less than China’s minimum wage of 55 cents an hour, without paid sick days or medical assistance."   Link

    Dictatorship is Slavery

    SLAVERY Nations that have received years of aid now want compensation for slavery that none of them experienced. But  "If one can claim reparations for slavery, the slaves of my ancestors or their descendants can also claim money from me because slavery has been practised by all people in the world,"


    Africa's Hitler Grabs White Owned Businesses

    After grabbing all of the successful farms in Zimbabwe Mugabe has now gone after what business is left in his country. Although rampant inflation has gripped the country Mugabe blames all his problems on whites. ... "  The empowerment bill defines "indigenous Zimbabwean" as anyone disadvantaged by unfair discrimination on race grounds before independence in 1980.

    It also provides for the establishment of an empowerment fund which will offer assistance to the "financing of share acquisitions" from the public-owned firms or assist in "management buy-ins and buy-outs." Theft and Bribery!

    "It displaced retail activity into the black market, where there is no control, so inflation ... is probably anywhere between 13,000 and 20,000 percent," the source said.

    The Zimbabwean government said in its latest report that inflation was about 6,600 percent. That is down from previous monthly estimates but still the highest in the world. Link

    If Democrats Want Apologies ... They Should Lead Off on .... Slavery

    "If Democrats are going to demand apologies for historic crimes, they need to inform themselves better about their own party's history. The following racial crimes were perpetrated throughout American history by The Democratic Party, its leaders and supporters:"  See List and Story     (Want to Apologize? -Link)

    North Korea Claims Advanced Child Care!

    "The DPRK Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children was adopted at the Sixth Session of the Fifth Supreme People's Assembly held in April Juche 65 (1976), thus establishing the advanced system for nursing and upbringing children in the country. Thanks to the system, all the children are healthily growing at state expense from birth till the school age." Link

    Child Sold to Feed Starving Family

    Mugabe's Zim Miracle

    "The practice, which involves a father giving away his usually under-age daughter (without her consent) to a richer man in return for food and other economic support,.." Slavery in Africa"

    Human Trafficking and Slavery 

    First the Democrats Supported Black Slavery now They Want USA to Run Away and Re-Allow Iraqi Slavery

    "The "non binding resolution" telling the world that we intend to surrender to terrorism and abandon Iraq may be the most disgraceful congressional action since the Democratic Party united to defend slavery."  Link


    Homeless Children Rounded Up to Make Viet Nam Pretty for Foreigners.


    "The problem with the street children shining shoes and selling books is that they normally follow foreigners and tourists.

    "We will put them in the social protection centre so they will be taken care of by the state."



    Peacekeeping soldiers. In each location where there is or has been a UN peacekeeping contingent, they were identified as being involved in the sexual exploitation of young girls." SAVE THE CHILDREN STUDY

    Britons Buy and Sell Sex Slaves in London

    "Many end up in Britain, enslaved by ruthless Albanian gangs who, according to Scotland Yard, now control almost all of London's prostitution rings." Link  .... more 

    "The scale of this traffic is mind-numbing. In Germany, up to half a million Eastern European women work as prostitutes. The streets of Italy are lined with Romanian and Moldovan teenagers. Other serious offenders include Greece, Turkey and South Korea, while some of the "Natashas" end up in Toronto, Chicago or Los Angeles. Among Malarek's most shocking claims is that on a per capita basis the two countries with the most voracious appetites for Eastern European women are Bosnia and Israel. " Excerpt ...
     The Natashas - The New Global Sex Trade
    Fom Stephen Henighan


    Brothel 'slavery' gang sentenced

    UK... Link

    "Both of you were involved in an evil trade which has been described as the 21st century's slavery.

    "You did it on a purely immoral basis. It is intolerable that such a trade exists in a civilised society."


    thousands stolen ... a few returned

    "We heard that the price for a male child will be around $3,600. It's much higher than the price for girls, which will be between $120 and $1000," he said.

    "As people have more money and more resources in south and west [China], then they could be tempted to buy these children."   More 

    Chinese Government .... could care less

    and a wife too


    "At the market - a heaving mass of desperate souls - lascivious men eye up teenage girls. Two ramshackle sheds the size of aircraft hangars are crammed with young women, many with crude signs at their feet advertising their skills." Link

    The Peoples’ Republic of China is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and sexual exploitation. A significant number of Chinese women and children are trafficked internally for forced marriage and forced labor. Chinese women are at times lured abroad with false promises of legitimate employment and then trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation to destinations throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America, while Chinese men have been trafficked for forced labor to Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Link

    "The children are kidnapped or purchased for $20 - $70 each by slavers in poorer states, such as Benin and Togo, and sold into slavery in sex dens or as unpaid domestic servants for $350.00 each in wealthier oil-rich states, such as Nigeria and Gabon. "   Link

    Does China Continue to Kill Baby Girls and Make Slaves out of Thousands More?

    "Years of population engineering, including virtual extermination of 'surplus' baby girls, has created a nightmarish imbalance in China's male and female populations." ......  Slave Marriage..... "The thirst for women is so acute that the slave trader gangs are even reaching outside China to find merchandise. There are regular reports of women being abducted in such places as northern Vietnam to feed the demand in China." 

    "At the market - (Chengdu) a heaving mass of desperate souls - lascivious men eye up teenage girls. Two ramshackle sheds the size of aircraft hangars are crammed with young women, many with crude signs at their feet advertising their skills."

    Forum on Slavery



    Sex Slaves An investigation by The Telegraph has revealed that an estimated 50,000 girls and young women, some as young as eight, have been sold or abducted into human slavery in China. (2002) China Responds....

    "The situation is nothing short of, I would say, a modern-day slavery," Dr Sadig Rasheed, UNICEF  regional director for South Asia, said at a meeting in Colombo.

    "It is one of the blights of South Asia. The situation is getting out of hand."

    Around 500,000 women and children are being trafficked each year in Asia, with the lion's share of them in South Asia, Rasheed added. That compares to a worldwide figure of 1.2 million."


    JAPAN .... "Thousands of women and children arrive in Japan each year from across Asia and eastern Europe, many of whom are sold into prostitution by criminal gangs." More

    England  "As part of the effort to prevent sex tourism, the UK government has already enabled domestic courts to impose travel bans on people convicted of sexual offences." BBC

    FACT: It is estimated that there are approximately 300,000 children in bonded-labor situations producing carpets in India.

    INDIA "sends $140 million worth of rugs to the United States alone, and most of these rugs are made by child slaves.


    A Nigerian orphanage has been closed down and its owner, a female pastor, arrested after allegations that it was at the heart of a baby-selling scam.


    Niger cancels free slave event ..... "no slaves"

    "A spokesman for the government's human rights commission, which had helped to organise the event, said this was because slavery did not exist."    BBC  .... "A human rights group in the desert West African nation of Niger called off what it billed as a mass liberation of 7 000 slaves after none showed up for the ceremony."  MORE

    David Ould from Anti-Slavery International argues that is untrue.

    "We surveyed 11,000 people, of that, more than 10,000 people said their masters decided whether their children should go to school, the masters decided who their daughters should marry - no doubt there is slavery,"

    CHINA .....  More Persecution of China's Women and Children
    "Assistant US Secretary of State Arthur Dewey testified, "China's birth planning law and policies retain harshly coercive elements in law and practice. Forced abortion and sterilization are egregious violations of human rights, and should be of concern to the global human rights community, as well as to the Chinese themselves. Unfortunately, we have not seen willingness in other parts of the international community to stand with us on these human rights issues." He said that Chinese government officials have recently promised to roll back some of their coercive measures, but noted that it is "practical implementation of these measures that matters, not public pronouncements.""

    China Continues to Kill Baby Girls 

    "Years of population engineering, including virtual extermination of 'surplus' baby girls, has created a nightmarish imbalance in China's male and female populations." ......  Slave Marriage..... "The thirst for women is so acute that the slave trader gangs are even reaching outside China to find merchandise. There are regular reports of women being abducted in such places as northern Vietnam to feed the demand in China." 

    Millions of men, women and children around the world - including many Africans - are forced into servitude.

    Human trafficking and slavery is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. So serious is the problem that the United Nations has made 2004 an anti-slavery year.


    "West Africa is one of the areas that are the most exploited by criminals who sell people into modern-day slavery. According to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), some 200,000 children are trafficked out of western and central Africa each year. UNICEF defines child trafficking as the transportation and exploitation of unwilling or unknowing children, often for slave labor or sex work." National Geographic Special Report

    "Slavery in Niger is not an obscure thing, nor a curious relic of the past, it is an intrinsic part of society today.

    A Nigerian study has found that almost 8% of the population are slaves."


    "Slave children are taken away from their parents before they are two-years-old, to break the bonds between parent and child and to eliminate any sense of identity."



    Link   West African News

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