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“Slow Children at Play” 

These signs are all over town, in many towns across the state and in every state in the Union.  I'm really really upset by them too.  Slow Children. Why are we constantly protecting our slow children and what about the normal ones and the smart ones? Why should we only protect and ask drivers to watch for the slow ones and better yet ...  how can they tell which are which? 

I called the then mayor of Carlisle, Arkansas and demanded to know the answer. Didn't parents of the normal kids also elect her or just the parents of the slow kids? And I thought we had stopped using terms like slow and retarded for others like exceptional and developmentally challenged. She screamed back at me that the sign was not just for slow children and I demanded to know why the sign said it. A yellow sign is a warning sign and the sign says slow children at play. Yeah yeah the bright ones are on the computer talking to India, or taking piano lessons, or karate and dance. Only the slow children are out playing in the streets; kicking a ball, playing cowboys and Indians and riding their bikes. Slow children have more fun. 

So now my neighborhood has slow children and they've put up a sign. Back when I was in school they just rode the short bus and got different tests. Now they got signs everywhere. I never had piano lessons; or tap dance or afternoon French tutelage. I guess I was one of the slow kids the sign was meant for. 

Well thanks for saving my life and I wish the bright kids had signs too but then maybe they are smart enough not to play in the street.

 Kent Herrick


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Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2007 


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