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Inspired by this news story ...... "Jail time for Masturbation!"

(Explicit Verses)

The Beat Goes On

While alone and in my cell
I thought of love, oh what the hell

When in doubt, I'll whip it out 
Making sure there is no scout.

I'll spank my monkey in my room
But getting caught will be my doom

With a stroke or two, Bad Luck!
WHO is there? Oh what the fuck?

I'm caught; my pants are down
Tried to hurry it with every pound

Now I'm guilty; a blue-veined sin
  There's none of that in this here pen

More time was added for my prank
Getting caught with my little crank

Lights are out! and be on guard
I'm under cover with my hard

Every time I stand and pee
The guards eyes, are all on me

I was caught my hand to poker
In the news; a chicken choker

Freddy Swan, 2007

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        Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2007 


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