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A poor but humble white man, worked hard and saved some money and bought himself a three seat bicycle. He saw one a year ago in a magazine and saved from his small pension to buy one. On the very day the humble white man got his bike; he went for a ride on the country back roads. The humble white man was riding along and saw an elderly black man walking, so he offered to give the elderly black man a ride. Seeing his condition, the humble white man had the elderly black man sit in front of him so he could keep an eye on his health. Not long after they ridden a short piece, they saw a liberal man walking. The humble white man and the elderly black man offered a ride to the liberal man; and after all, they did have another seat not being used. But the liberal man became irate and admonished the humble white man.

 "How dare you, forcing this elderly black man to sit up front and do all the work, while you the slave massa white man coast along. To force your will on another person is just not right."

 So the large liberal man, forced the humble white man and the elderly black man off the bike, and threw the bike into a field of tall grass. Now all three are walking down the road. The humble white man upon seeing the elderly black man struggling to walk,  he assisted him by placing one of the elderly black man's arm over his shoulder. Now as they walked along, the humble white man and the elderly black man have a conversation about life, helping one another and the wonderful day the Lord had provided.

Close behind them was the liberal man, cursing, complaining about how life was cruel and unfair, no public transportation and having to walk.

Freddy Swan 2016


         Kent M. Herrick, Editor in Chief, 2016 


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