What is ... or was the point ...  in having "THE LAW".

 The Law binds us as a society and when any one or any entity chooses to void/avoid that LAW they run the risk of penalties. Or so it use to be.

 The Civil Rights movement was about non-violent resistance to laws that were immoral and eventually found to be unconstitutional and/or were repealed by Congress and the various state legislatures.

  Now we have legal entities  ... cities .... declaring that certain state and federal laws do not apply. in 1832 that was the Nullification argument ... that states could avoid enforcing ... in that crisis ...  a Tariff Law ... and today immigration laws and the very borders of this republic itself. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution has tended to say that state law can not trump federal law where the federal law is constitutional. So how is it that the federal government has allowed municipalities to refuse to enforce immigration law and allow sanctuary cities to protect illegals ... people who broke the LAW getting here; continue to break the LAW being here, and then commit more crimes knowing that these cities love and protect them? These cities, these sanctuaries, seem even to be protected by the Federal government/president. 


 Why must the people beg the government to enforce the law?  Strange the Bill of Rights was designed to limit the power of the government over the Rights of the People. Limiting the Power of the LAW. Now we are forced to beg the government to enforce the LAW that has been legally enacted.

The Republic can not survive.

 There are even those whose actions are so grievous that they appear to want the destruction of the Republic ... and to reconstitute it in some nefarious and foreign form. They seek to destroy our history of checks and balances that protect the Rights of the People from the usurpations of the unlimited power of a  central government. Only when our leaders chosen by the people to act for the people and in the interest of the people will we .... the people ... regain the protection of the LAW and bring peaceful order to this illegal chaos.

Kent M. Herrick 2015




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