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Why I Carry

(Four knives, a pistol and a shotgun behind the seat)

In many of the more “civilized” countries, that is countries where the men have been emasculated, carrying any weapon for self preservation is considered criminal. If you observe men in Texas and thank God many women, most real Texans have at least one visible knife … well visible.

I was in largest grocery in Kerrville, Texas, buying normal stuff, minding my own business. Now to explain, I wear a coping knife horizontally on my belt. Additionally I wear a Leatherman, keep my Swiss-Army with its corkscrew in my pocket (more on that knife later) and usually a little finger cleaning razor-sharp lock-back for those pesky minor chores. So walking through H.E.B. (Texas Grocery Store) you would see two knives but the one horizontally on my belt is a real eye catcher. I had it made locally with Axis bone for the grips. It may be a coping knife but it is my first self offense weapon of choice.

Anyway there I was in H.E.B. buying chocolate muffin mix and espresso coffee when a lady approached me. She had to be a Yankee from way out of town.

“ Sir, why do you carry that knife?” Pointing at my belt.

“I carry it because usually it keeps nosey people from asking me why I carry a knife.”

She didn’t back down.

“But why must you carry a knife?”

“Because it’s my right and I’m exercising my rights.” Nosey Bitch!

Her husband was racing up the aisle to rescue her or me.

“Dear let the man be.”

“But he’s carrying that awful knife.”

“Well dear,” Reaching into his pocket and extracting a puny one-inch finger cleaner, “ I carry a knife too.” Hooooorah!

“Madam” I saw exaggeratingly. “I carry four knives and a gun and usually that is enough to keep people from bothering me. Obviously I was wrong.”

I walked off.

But why?

The glib response is what I gave her. Cute and glib; but obviously insufficient.

I was reproached for wearing the knife and assuming unto myself my own protection. I do not need the government, nor can they or will they, provide me with 24 hour protection from those that wish us harm. So I protect myself. The law writes great reports; they do a fairly good job arresting criminals; I support law enforcement; but at the actual moment of self-preservation … I .. We must protect ourselves or become sheepple; unable to defend ourselves and left to the mercy of the masher, thief, and murderer.

I was in Budapest, Hungary; it was 06:00; I had traveled all night through Yugoslavia or Rump Yugo and had been to the capital of Serbia. Remember Clinton; he bombed it; we weren’t liked there. Anyway I was trying to buy a ticket to Berlin; and two thieves were trying to rob me at the international ticket counter. The lovely lady behind the 6-inch glass remarked.

“ Sir, they are trying to rob you.”

No shit Sherlock!

“You might call the police.”

I had one on my right with a railing between us, and one behind me with a round table half blocking him.

“Sir be careful they want to rob you.” Said from the cozy, warm room behind 6 inch glass.

“Yes, I bloody well know; have you called the police?”

So I tried to pay the $114.00 for the ticket, guard my backpack and protect the family jewel and save my life and limb. Well remember the Swiss Army knife I always carry regardless of the local law. I reached in pulled it out and extracted the very very nasty jagged tooth saw blade; casually showed it to butt-ugly defendant Number 1 and mouthed to him “%&*% you come and take it.” Really brave but I was not about to be as dead as the guy in the corner of the passage; he who I had just stepped over. Thief One said something to Thief 2 and after the appropriate interval they stepped back. Knife had won. I still carry it and will until I lose it, which as any man knows will happen someday.

A second and important reason is age. I was never a street brawler. After the age of 17 I can count on one hand the number of actual fisticuffs I participated in. As my hands grow more arthritic fist-to-fist is going to hurt and I’m going to lose. I prefer to avoid confrontation, unless I can’t avoid then I prefer to shoot the bastard. But assuming I won’t always have a firearm handy my next line of defense is a very sharp knife clenched in my very tight little fingers. Stab Stab Stab is better than owee, owee, owee.

Third good reason is avoidance. If the would be Billy Bad Ass sees my obviously nasty looking knife he’ll pass on me. Now I do not want my fellow man injured or worse because the miscreant passed on killing me and went onto others. I want all people armed to the teeth and protecting themselves. Okay maybe I’m strange but on 9-1-1 had there been a few Texians with their CCW under their jackets, a lot of terrorists would be buried in Potter’s Field and the Twin Towers would be standing with thousands never knowing they died that day.

Only governments afraid of their citizens really want the people unarmed. Why is it that honest people have been disarmed?

“Well it’s because we can’t tell the honest from the dishonest?” Smug priss.

Well lastly, why do I carry so many weapons? I met a self defense “expert”, I believe in self-offense – if you wait to be attacked you are a mille second behind at the outset; but I asked him “What is your weapon of choice … kung fu, karate, cow patties at ten feet?”

“A 1911A .45 with a spare mag; a fighting knife and then a back up knife in my boot.”

“But you teach that hand to hand shit.”

“It sells and woman like it. Oh and my last but not least back up is a Bic pen in the side of the neck. Then the hand to hand shit if all else fails.”

So the reason I carry? Because no plan survives first contact and a back up is always preferable to getting your ass kicked. OH! And it looks cool.

We are citizens not subjects. We are responsible for our own protection; government is not my protector.

Kent M. Herrick





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